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동아시아(EA) 서버 친구 찾기 포스트

Discussion in '한국어' started by Domofurious, Feb 2, 2015.

  1. Quadcore

    Quadcore Meekos


    I'm an English teacher living in Seoul and playing on the East Asia server. Just started this game a few days ago and am looking for some more people to play with.

    My ID/아이디: qdcr

    I can speak Korean a bit but it doesn't show in game because my phone setting is English.

  2. Bachiatari

    Bachiatari River Troll

    I live in Seoul I've been playing for a while but my tier is very low. Just looking for some friends to play with
    My in-game name is FangedSamurai
    I'm still studying the Korean language so I'm not very good at understanding and speaking Korean
  3. pints

    pints Meekos

    계정 이름: pintsqt
    메인 히어로: Koshka
    좋아하는 히어로: Koshka, Catherine, Joule

    한국말 조금 할수있어요
    I'm an Eng teacher in Seoul. Currently tier 6. Please add me in game~
  4. NishiMaki

    NishiMaki Carnie

    I don't know if I'm allowed to post in a thread that's been inactive for about a month buuuut

    계정 이름: NishiMaki
    메인 히어로: 셀레스, 스카프
    좋아하는 히어로: 셀레스, 스카프, 쥴
    현재 티어: 5 브론저

    흑시 보면 꼭 친추해주세요~
  5. Dadembyu

    Dadembyu Grangor

    방금 친추했습니다~^^
    저두 티어5, 티어6에서 하락함ㅋㅋ
  6. madjoe

    madjoe Carnie

    Name: madjoe
    Main: Celeste, Glaive, Adagio
    Rank: Tier 5
    I've got near 250 wins and I am searching for teammates to rank up.

    I've also just created a team to chat on Line and Discord so it's better to play together. If you want to join, here's the thread: http://forums.vainglorygame.com/index.php?threads/37326/
  7. Jeong정모

    Jeong정모 Meekos

    한국분중에 북미하는사람찾는중
  8. spamanator500

    spamanator500 Meekos

    계정이름: spamanator500
    메인히어로: Joule, Phinn
    연습중인 히어로: Skye
    어려운 히어로: Celeste

    Korean- speaks Korean.
    If anyone is interested I also speak English.
  9. skykm0324

    skykm0324 Meekos

    계정 이름: skykm0324
    메인 히어로: 포트리스
    좋아하는 히어로: 코쉬카,쥴,셀레스트
    연습중인 히어로: 크럴

    카르마: 10
    승리: 약 110승

    6개월 이상 접었다가 어제부로 다시 시작했네요
  10. hello2every1

    hello2every1 Minion

    계정이름: hello2every1
    메인 히어로: 알파
    좋아하는 히어로: 알파, 렌스
    연습중인 히어로: 렌스
    어려운 히어로: 스카이
    약 6달동안 접었다가 지금은 매일 한판 이상 하고 있습니다. 새벽1시~3시에 많이 합니다... 알파 쓰레기라고 하지만 Cp가면 일반겜 10킬은 해요
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2017

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