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Vainglory Dispatch #1: Improving Vainglory Together!

Discussion in 'General' started by Skillz4Killz, Nov 14, 2016.

  1. Skillz4Killz

    Skillz4Killz River Troll

    Great read!! A project that brings together some of the greatest people in Vainglory together to help improve the game we all love in a professional and mature manner as well as hopefully find many others to help for the next edition.


    I would truly appreciate any help tagging friends, developers, or other players you think could help spread and make this project great. However, please make sure others have not already tagged them as to prevent spam please.
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  2. TheLegend

    TheLegend Stormguard

    Last edited: Nov 16, 2016
  3. TundraWolf

    TundraWolf Gythian

    Please add me, even though im not that expert in vg but atleast i want to help.
  4. HipsterSkaarf

    HipsterSkaarf Community Moderator

    Sorry I missed this - too many tags and the alerts stop working. I'll move it to "General" since it covers such a broad scope. Any of the subheadings in the pdf could be their own thread here, really.
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  5. TheLegend

    TheLegend Stormguard

    Thanks for moving this and giving it more exposure, hopefully this blows up
  6. Arceus655

    Arceus655 Stormguard

    No offense...we need none of this...yet

    You can do all of this already,
    These are all just ease of access.

    Right Now:
    We need better SEMC hardware. Updated servers, better design equipment, storage, content condensing, etc.

    Fix old problems, then introduce new content. Developers have problems with this.
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  7. Epicusername

    Epicusername Stormguard

    Ikr. How can a competitive 3v3 game be competitive if someone has lag throughout the match and others don't?
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  8. Gatorrex

    Gatorrex Undead

    Can someone copy and paste the file in text in a spoiler because i cant open it
  9. TheLegend

    TheLegend Stormguard

  10. Gatorrex

    Gatorrex Undead

  11. Skillz4Killz

    Skillz4Killz River Troll

    My apologies for the late reply I was more active on reddit and Twitter answering comments related to this.

    @TheLegend The way to get in touch with the group who is discussing ideas. Currently, perfecting Draft Mode is in a chatroom in this BAND. http://band.us/n/aaa1S0R221k0R

    @TundraWolf You are most welcome to join the group with the link above. There is a chatroom called Vainglory Dispatch.

    @HipsterSkaarf Thank you for moving it and my apologies for seeing all this so late.

    @TheLegend It did blow up we got a lot of great feedback. Met a lot of amazing people willing to help and got responded to by the developers was amazing and made us so excited to work on the next edition.

    @Arceus655 No offense taken. Thats the beauty of this project we all share our voice. Please feel free to bring these points up in the chatroom. Link is above.

    @Gatorrex Hey it is 34 pages but a lot of it is graphics and visual representations of the suggestions. But we will be releasing future editions in smaller packets. We got a lot of feedback saying to release in smaller packets so that is the goal. We will be doing Draft Mode first come join us in the chatroom to discuss. The link is above.
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