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[HUGE] Japan excluse guild! 二本国内ギルドです!外人や日本人どっちも是非

Discussion in 'ギルド・チームを探す' started by LemonadeASIA, Nov 22, 2016.

  1. LemonadeASIA

    LemonadeASIA Meekos

    Hi all!
    First thread ever in East Asia!

    Huge In Japan started summer 2016 and is currently recruiting active members.
    We are open to everyone who is active, cooperative, and friendly. As for skill tier we are looking for those at least rank 5 and we are aiming to reach high Guild Level in every season.

    Starring: Vainglory's @VideoVillain!


    Requirements 要件:
    1. Active - can play at least one session every 3 days with other guild members 沢山インしてる人。少なくて三日間で1回このギルドのメンバーと遊んでくれる
    2. Friendly - respect other members, no trash talking or raging, no rude pings, no toxic behavior ここでは日本人は問題ないと思いますけどね
    3. Cooperative - contribute to guild by playing with other guild members without surrender, answering in-game guild/party chat ここも
    4. Intelligent - someone who has a desire and will to learn new things all the time, even if already knowledgeable 賢い人。いつも新しいことを習おうとする人
    5. Discord - please download this application for your device if you haven't already and use it to communicate with us. Find us at https://discord.gg/qEahX ディスコードのアプリをダウンロードして欲しいです。そしたらさっきのリンクでうちらのサーバーとつなぎます

    1. No surrender (surrender means no fame). Of course, win if you can! 絶対諦めない!
    2. Inactivity for 10 days without notice results in a kick. 続けて10日間インしてないしギルドにお知らせしてない方をキックします。
    3. Players with toxic behavior (very rude pings, raging, etc.) will be removed. マナーを守らないやトロールしたりする方をキックします。
    4. Always honor each other after the match is over. マッチ終わったら自分のチームメンバーに+評価を
    5. "Let's playing and have a fun!" 楽しければ良いぞ!

    How to Join 入る仕方:
    Please fill in this form ここクリックして下さい: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ra2W6m_6kd3ZQnIC6w1rR5aHclSNycpqkhnMqdScg78/viewform

    See you in game soon!
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2016
  2. LemonadeASIA

    LemonadeASIA Meekos

  3. VideoVillain

    VideoVillain Undead

    Comeon peeps! Join up! We want to get to lvl 50+ at least!
  4. LemonadeASIA

    LemonadeASIA Meekos

    Bump. EA players only please. Been receiving applications from those who are not on the EA server.

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