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Announcement Submit your 'Talents' Ideas!

Discussion in 'Archived Announcements' started by PlayoffBeard, Apr 11, 2017.

  1. Databox

    Databox River Troll

    I'm guessing that SEMC going for Heroes of the Storm perk-like system where you can only choose one perk per tier and perks focus mainly on changing your playstyle. Here's my take on the new talent system for Adagio.

    Im assuming that you get to unlock tier 1/2/3/4/5 at levels 1/3/6/9/12. Or something like that. Choose 1 talent per tier.

    Not good at naming things. Sorry if my perks' names sound generic.

    ~Tier 1~
    * CONDENSED MAGIC - Increase Arcane Fire's damage by 35%, but reduce it's duration by 2 seconds.
    * CONTEMPT - Each attack from Agent of Wrath now prolongs existing Arcane Fire debuff's duration by 1 second. Cannot exceed maximum Arcane Fire duration.
    * GRASPING FIRE - Gift of Fire's slow duration is doubled and can now also be proced when cast on allies.
    * LUMINESCENT GLOW - enemies affected by Arcane Fire are revealed through the duration. Can't see invisible units.

    ~Tier 2~
    * KINDLINGS FOR THE FIRE - When enemies affected by Arcane Fire dies, they release a small burst of flame spreading Arcane Fire to nearby enemies. 1.2 radius burst for non-heroes, 2 radius for heroes.
    * ANGER - Agent of Wrath's "self-cast" bonus damage is doubled and now applies on allies.
    * SWIFT JUDGEMENT - Permanently increase movement speed by 0.6 ms. Adagio can now move at 50% his normal speed while casting Verse of Judgement.
    * SEAR - Arcane Fire deals additional 1.5% of the target's max health per second.

    ~Tier 3~
    * GRUDGE - Agent of Wrath no longer expires at the 6 second time frame and have it's cooldown reduce by 20%, but now only gives 3/3/3/3/4 stacks per cast. Maximum stacks of 10 can be stored.
    * CLEANSING HEAT - Gift of Fire now cleanses crowd control effects on initial cast and gives 0.8 movement speed over the duration.
    * STERN JUDGEMENT - Stuns and Silence last 40% longer on enemies affected by Arcane Fire. Increase Verse of Judgement stun duration by 0.5 second.
    * FURY FROM THE FLAMES - +8% attack speed every time you attack an enemy affected by Arcane Fire. Max 8 stacks, last 5 seconds.

    ~Tier 4~
    * CONSECRATION - Casting Gift of Fire now leaves a small 2.5-radius circle of burning ground in the targeted location for 4 seconds (6 seconds if cast on-self). Enemies entering the circle are slowed by 35% and receive Arcane Fire debuff or resets the timer if they already have the debuff.
    * ACCUMULATED MAGIC - After 5 seconds of not attacking, Adagio empowers his next basics attack dealing additional 80 + 70% cp and also applies Arcane fire. Adagio's hands glow blue when empowered attack is ready.
    * TEMPORAL RENEWAL - Cooldown of all abilities is reduced by 0.5 seconds everytime an enemy hero affected by Arcane Fire receives a basic attack; 0.1 seconds from allied minions attacks.
    * FINAL JUDGEMENT - Verse of Judgement's fortified health now also applies on allies within 3 radius. In addition, the burst damage heals allies for half the amount. Also, reduce the ability's cooldown by 30%.

    ~Tier 5~
    * VELVET FEATHERS - Convert 50% Adagio's max energy to max health. Adagio's abilities now uses health instead of energy to cast and cost 50% more. Arcane renewal's effect now converts 35% of the damage into health instead of mana; half on minions and monsters.
    * OVERFLOW - Adagio regenerates 1% more energy per 1% missing energy. Energy regen bonus applies on Arcane Renewal's effect, but the effect is halved. Adagio basic attacks now deal 4% of his current mana as cp damage. Deals double the bonus damage when the enemy is affect by Arcane Fire.
    * SOOTHING FLAMES - Arcane Fire now heals nearby allied heroes within 2 range of the burning enemy for 125% of the damage over time effect (25% from non-hero sources).
    * WITHER IN FLAMES - Arcane Fire reduce enemy movement speed and damage by 35%, but reduce Arcane fire's duration by half.
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2017
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  2. Chilly

    Chilly Carnie

    When Flicker does his b attack ally heroes get a speed boost when within the circle.
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  3. kenguinmaster

    kenguinmaster Grangor

    Skaarf' A acts like a missile and chases when within range
  4. Deathseeker

    Deathseeker Meekos

    Bring back the old Petal where her seeds used to heal.
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  5. tlande6618

    tlande6618 Carnie

    I think Lyra's Sigil (her A) should have multiple charges (2 or 3).
  6. tlande6618

    tlande6618 Carnie

    Enemies hit by Vox's Pulse (his B) should be slowed and revealed for a few seconds.
  7. sehnsucks

    sehnsucks Carnie

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  8. Warushi

    Warushi Carnie

    Ozo ult triple kills, and teleports team to Vaincrystal and all turrets are destroyed B)

    jk. How about Ozo's ult stuns everybody in a straight line?
  9. VainMaster017

    VainMaster017 Gythian

    Sorry but I had to make a SAO reference....

    Make it so rona's. allows her to DUAL WIELD so that she does 2 basic attacks for every one, during the ability buff period. Activating foe splitter would make her be able to dish out technically double damage. However, this wouldn't be op since her perk takes care of damage reduction.
  10. VainMaster017

    VainMaster017 Gythian


    "Core discharge," If you take damage after successfully stunning an enemy hero with core collapse, you gain a 2 move speed buff for 2 seconds and have 80% reduced damage during this time. Gap closers won't be able to continue damaging you if they recover from a stun! :)
  11. OneEyeOpen

    OneEyeOpen Technologist

    Allow Grumpjaw to eat the whole enemy team within a certain time limit. If he takes in all 3 heros in the allowed time, he self destructs and kills entire enemy team....himself as well!

    Lyra- C ability targets enemy player---->ports such player to his home-base.

    Lance- B ability throws up 3 shields blocking any incoming damage to any ally behind shield! i.e. Ringo ult, joule ult, cath ult, Celeste ult...you get it.
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2017
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  12. ChaoticNeutral

    ChaoticNeutral Meekos

    Guys remember that talents are to be used in ALL brawl modes, not just Blitz, so don't make them super OP when they're used in Battle Royale(you know who you guys are)
  13. SeraphsWrath

    SeraphsWrath River Troll

    Following Databox's model (surprised, by the way, that you didn't include a talent that refreshed the duration of Arcane Fire when a target was hit with Verse of Judgement. That would be useful: Stun + Agent of Wrath):


    Tier 1:
    Escape Jets: Skye's Target Lock mobility boost now applies the same regardless of which direction Skye is jumping. (Mobility)
    Tungsten-Jacketed Rounds: Skye's Forward Barrage shreds 2% of the target's armor or shield per second the target is caught in the strafe. Max 10 stacks. Whether armor or shield is shredded is dependent upon which is higher: Skye's Weapon or Crystal Power. All stacks decay after 5 seconds. (Attack + Support)
    Additional Launch Tubes: Skye fires 2 additional missiles when using Suri Strike, and 4 additional missiles when using Death from Above. (Attack + AoE)
    Battle Scan: Skye's basic attacks and abilities deal 10% more damage to the Locked Target (Attack + Assassin)

    Tier 2:
    Chaser Jets: After using Suri Strike, Skye gets an additional 10% movement speed for 3 seconds. Skye gains a 5% increase in movement speed while using Forward Barrage. (Mobility + Attack)
    Phosphorous Rounds: Skye's Forward Barrage and Basic Attacks reveal targets for 1.5 seconds after dealing damage. (Utility)
    Quick Hands: After using any ability, Skye gains a 5% bonus to her Attack Speed for 5 seconds. (Attack)
    Size 'em Up: Skye watches her Locked target like a hawk and knows when they're going to strike, reducing damage dealt to her by that source by 3%. (Defense)

    Tier 3:
    Jump Jets: Skye's Suri Strike gains 10% increased radius. (Mobility)
    Osmium-Jacketed Rounds: Skye's Basic Attacks have a 3% chance to set the target on-fire. If the target isn't set on-fire, the next bullet has a 3% increased chance to rectify that. Max 20%. This resets after 3 seconds of her not using her bullet abilities. (Attack + DoT)
    Team-Player: Skye's Target Lock mobility increase now works when allies strike the target. Damage Bonuses from Battle Scan now apply to allies as well. (Utility)
    Seeker Missiles: Suri Strike now fires missiles that home-in on the target. Subsequent missiles only have a damage reduction of 7%, but have 30% less AoE. The missiles from Death from Above will home-in on targets within the line/cluster, prioritizing the Locked Target. (Attack + Assassin)

    Tier 4:
    Renegade Spirit: Skye cannot be Stunned or Rooted while using Forward Barrage. (Defense)
    Overpressure Missiles: Skye's missile-based abilities now have 20% increased AoE. Direct hits from Suri Strike stun the target for 0.3 seconds per missile. Skye cannot take this talent if she already has Seeker Missiles. (Attack + AoE)
    Supa-Jets: Using Suri Strike causes Skye to dodge all incoming damage during the strike. Skye gets a 30% chance to dodge incoming attacks while her mobility boost from Locked Target is active. (Defense)
    Radar: Skye's Locked Target remains detected and cannot Stealth for the duration of the Lock; Target Lock's duration is increased by 1.5 seconds. (Utility)

    Tier 5:
    Spirit of the Sky Dragon: After activating any ability, Skye becomes immune to all negative effects for 3 seconds; cannot be used again for 10 seconds thereafter. (Defense)
    Devastator Rounds: Skye replaces her 25mm cannons with rapid-firing grenade launchers, making her Basic attacks deal 50% more damage with AoE in a radius of 3, but decreasing her attack speed by 30%. (Attack + AoE)
    Wasp: Skye mounts twin Wasp Flamethrowers on her Mech, replacing the bullet-strafe with twin streams of deadly flame. Damage is now dealt per tick (1 tick = 0.1 seconds) per stream, and each second enemies remain in the stream increases the damage per tick by 1 second (Max +10% damage) Enemies hit are set on-fire for 10 seconds instead of being slowed. (Attack + DoT)
    Teslashock Missiles: Targets hit by Suri Strike or Death From Above see their damage reduced by 50% for 3 seconds after the ability elapses, if applicable. Death From Above now stuns a Locked Target for the duration of the Ability (Utility + CC)
    Seeker Bullets: Each time a bullet from Skye's guns hits a target, either from Forward Barrage or Basic Attacks, if it does not Crit, it gives the next bullet a 5% increased Crit chance, capped at 80% (although Crit items can increase this). If Skye is using Forward Barrage, each bullet only gives the next a +2% chance to Crit. This resets after Skye doesn't attack that target with her guns for 3 seconds. (Attack + Assassin)

    I decided that, when I was building this, that there would be a few paths a player could take:
    • Mobility + Defense: These talents exploit and enhance Skye's excellent mobility on the battlefield. From buffing her mobility when she uses abilities to getting a dodge with Suri Strike, Skye becomes a much tougher nut to crack if you build this way.
    • Assassin: Skye's Assassin talents focus on single-target damage rather than Area of Effect, and take-advantage of Skye's great mobility to pursue targets across the Fold. Come in two flavors: Missile- and Bullet-based.
    • Area of Effect + CC: Skye's Area of Affect talents focus on area damage with a side of Crowd Control rather than single-target damage and takes advantage of Skye's rapid fire rate to do so. Comes in two flavors: Missile- and Bullet-Based.
    • DoT: These talents provide Skye with Damage over Time, and are largely built-around her bullets. While there are less of these, they tend to be more powerful, with the Tier 5 talent replacing Forward Barrage with flamethrowers.
    • Utility + Target Lock: Skye builds around her Target Lock perk, providing herself some extra boosts and increasing her Team Utility.
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2017
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  14. KatnissNeverclean

    KatnissNeverclean River Troll

    Grumpjaw can swallow 3 heroes.
  15. iplayvainglory

    iplayvainglory Carnie

    i dont know how post it so i reply it to you

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  16. iplayvainglory

    iplayvainglory Carnie

    no one want to play

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  17. iplayvainglory

    iplayvainglory Carnie

    How about Taka can Double Team

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  18. iplayvainglory

    iplayvainglory Carnie

    sky force TALENT

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  19. D493

    D493 Meekos

    hmmmmmm talents, what adagios agent of wrath, it can give a speed boost when applied to himself, and heal when given to allies, or maybe having gift of fre being targetable to enemies and it damages them and his ult could have a tornado kinda effect in which he drags enemies in
  20. Nicknation

    Nicknation Elder

    Petal gets up to 9 munions. Let overlord Petal reign supreme!!!

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