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Announcement Submit your 'Talents' Ideas!

Discussion in 'Archived Announcements' started by PlayoffBeard, Apr 11, 2017.

  1. Jodaflow

    Jodaflow Meekos

    When alpha uses ulti... Boom!! And even your phone get destroyed. :)
  2. Ren Fox

    Ren Fox Grangor

    Unstable Combustion
    Petal's Ult detonates all munions at once
    • 15% Shorter cooldown
    • 25% Shorter casting time
    Bramblethorn Healing
    Petal's seeds grants healing and defense to nearby allied heroes
    • 2 hp and 2 shield & armor per seed
    • 15% energy cost
    Trampoline also launches petal's minions in the same direction
    • Increased wp and cp ratios on the following basic attack.
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  3. ᗟʘᗰʘ

    ᗟʘᗰʘ Technologist

    Swooping Death
    Krul's Ultimate now hits all targets in its path.
    • +15% Crystal Damage
    • -10% Casting Speed

    Overclocked Capacitors
    Big Red Button now fires faster and harder but renders her mech useless for 3 seconds.
    • +100% Crystal Damage
    • -10% Casting Speed
    • +3s Self-Stun

    Devil's Brew
    Ringo's Ultimate automatically seeks all members of the enemy team. No Targeting Required.
    • -50% Cooldown speed
    • +25% Casting Time
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  4. SeraphsWrath

    SeraphsWrath River Troll

    That is OP as f***. Sorry, but an ult that just seeks-out everyone and deals large amounts immediate and unavoidable damage to them, AND sets them on fire?

    Here's how I would do it:
    Devil's Brew:
    When Ringo's fireball hits an enemy, it splits into smaller fireballs that seek-out other enemy heroes within a range of 5, but dealing much less damage than the original.
    • Initial fireball damage decreased by 15%
    • -20% Cooldown Speed
    • +10% Casting Time
    • Smaller fireballs deal 100 CP damage base, +30%CP
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  5. Ren Fox

    Ren Fox Grangor

    I think...
    ᗟʘᗰʘ's idea is overpowered, or at the least unclear, but creating an entirely different talent isn't "changing" it. Suggesting your own is completely fine, but all Devil's Brew needs is 50% less damage to be "balanced"...
    And have some limiter on the the "deal almost-guaranteed heavy true damage to the entire enemy team, as soon as you have vision and are in range thing"

    Take note that from all the legendary talents we've seen, the power levels are pretty high. This one just stood out for some odd reason.
  6. ᗟʘᗰʘ

    ᗟʘᗰʘ Technologist

    Change it as you want. It's just a suggestion. SEMC won't put something broken in the game.
  7. seysenvg

    seysenvg Stormguard

    Taka's B gets a cooldown reduce for every time he basic attacks if 5 Ki stacks are achieved.

    Glaive's A charges further at 20 Stacks.

    Saw gets armor and shield buff while his A is active.

    Vox's ultimate will also slow enemies if hit twice with it.

    Ringo's A will shoot all enemies on the way like Lance's basic attacks.

    Skye's B will give her a movement speed boost.

    Samuel moves faster while staying inside the AoE of his B.

    The damage of Alpha's A scales with the distance between her and the target.

    Lance pushes enemies farther with his B.

    Catherine's B will reflect more attacks.

    Baron's A can stack 3 times.

    Petal can have 5 munions but each munion is debuffed.

    Ozo will have a 4th hit animation with his A (i seriously wonder what kind of monkey bussiness he would do ? ?)

  8. seysenvg

    seysenvg Stormguard

    new meta???
  9. iAtomix

    iAtomix Meekos

    Ringos A stuns enemy hero

    Lyra's C can place portals to anywhere you click on the minimap/map

    Kestrels C deals area damage lol

    Celeste's C follows enemy like Ringo's fireball

    Idris B shoots 3 chakrams
  10. TheBLOB

    TheBLOB Elder

    Krul can lifesteal beyond his maximum HP, additional health will be gained as a barrier above his full health bar up to a cap.

    Killing somebody with spectral smite resets its cooldown.

    All of Glaive's attacks cleave regardless of crit

    Ardan's heroic perk healing is doubled and can exceed the damage taken (meaning abilities like forward barrage may actually grant Ardan health! )
  11. Sinbreaker

    Sinbreaker Meekos

    Just threw 5 heroes together. My hopes is that some of these ideas spark great ideas for selected heroes or even other heroes. My goal was to add things to challenge skill levels in using and defending vs these new talents. It's difficult to not want talents that would over power some heroes, but I've seen a lot of great ideas. Good luck!

    Saw (please keep saw overall "slow")
    Heroic Perk - life drain added to auto attack. The lower saws spin up is the more life is drained. 12 stacks Spun up offers minimal hp drain but enough matter (amount drained influenced by both weapon and crystal... one or the other, not both. No stacks (one shot before stacks begin) offers maximum returned hp.

    A. If full crystal build, functions normal but spin up not removed. If weapon build, does not roll back upon completion, spin up still removed. Small barrier created.

    B. Can now cancel by retapping. Cancelling gives saw max spin up stacks. Saws movement speed reduction nullified for 2 seconds if cancelled.

    C. Remove attack speed penalty. Increase spin up stacks per shot.

    Heroic Perk - Gains significant speed bonus if all skills are on cooldown. If any skill is off cooldown for more than 1 second. speed bonus removed.
    A. Semi circle stun range instead of just a small circle. Can still be aimed.

    B. Ally heroes in range also get a speed boost based on which boots phinn has equipped. Multiple boots do not stack this effect, however if used while boots are activated, then yes. Also benefits from heroic perk if timed precisely.

    C. All of phinns abilities get a damage/buff increase on next use following his hook/anchor use. Time limited.

    Heroic Perk - increased armor/shield during activation.

    A. Once barrier is depleted, Krul damages all nearby enemy heroes by 20% of damage he did during the barrier. This includes skill damage.

    B. Smites damages enemy heroes near impact area and heal ally heroes near impact area for 30% of the total area damage.

    C. Increased speed of projectile, distance and damage. Distance traveled still dictates damage. Damage now improve with weapon power as well.

    Heroic Perk - increase benefit

    A. Teleports to stun impact. Allowing her to teleport through obstacles and land a stun. Distance must have been reachable via the length of pre-perk stunning distance. Teleport delay based on bonus health. No delay = 1,000 bonus health. If used without a target, teleports and allows for tapping nearby target. If used with a target within range, no further targeting required.

    B. Heals Catherine upon depletion. 20% missing HP.

    C. Slows enemies for extent of enemy silence effected. Map wide. So if one enemy is silenced, all enemies slowed for 3 secs. 2 enemies silenced, all enemies slowed for 6 seconds. Map wide. Etc.

    Heroic Perk - increase benefit

    A. Munions can merge into one super munion that unites stats of all 3.

    B. When used, NEW munions instantly respawn at petal. The old ones turn into land mine seeds.

    C. When used with super munion active, explodes into enemy seeking munions, like Fortresses wolves, but only explode on impact. Heals petal and nearby allies regardless of munion location.
    Last edited: May 14, 2017
  12. Kael

    Kael Meekos


    Ult - either allow his Ult to stun but not stop the sword path so it continues and returns stunning and damaging all in its path (2x on same charter if it hits 2x) # total hits based on tallent level with max level being undetered in case y'all ever do a 5v5 map. Or throw one forward and one backwards (from selected target direction) for chance (if used in conjunction with proper manuvering) at 2 stuns in a row (1 @ max damage) for ambush. Increase stun duration with distance traveled. Final Rank- 2 swords. Rank 1 increase stun .1 +% based on distance. Rank 2 increase stun another .1 and a higher % based on distance.
    With either # of hits reduces CD. Possibly combine both for final rank 2 swords undeterred.

    Cast a stacking slow on every 2nd tick of perk reached. Tick 2 4 6 and 8. Either -2.5 movement stacking duration by .75 for 3 sec max or 2.5 sec duration with stacking effect (-.75 movement per stack max -3).
    Either way
    Effect not cancled by consuming stacks with B. So if B is used then the timer on the effect continues to count down from time of last mele hit that applied a stacking tick. Every renewal of 8th tick reallpies slow.
    Or just 4th and 8th but keep totals the same.

    Allow perk and smite to build fortified health (that recedes out of combat) up to 20% (bases on tallent level) when health is full at slower rate than the damage based up gain. This would be in addition to A if both apply. Generation fortified amount increases with CP. So if health drops but not out of fortified range he will have to refill his health before it can build fortified again.

    A Charge
    Allow his charge to be used 2x with stacking CD like Barrons missle. Also allow it to be directional if not cast with target. Gives Kurl a short escape 2nd charge provides no or extra fortified health (based on tallentl) if deemed OP for crystal. Charge also applies momentary slow and attack speed slow -1.5 movement and -50% st to speed for .5 sec. Deer in the headlights effect on reaction from being charged by an undead. Lower hesitation animation time between activation and actual engagement. Neil having an escape is in play with him being an ambush character... Though might be out of his tenacity... Can call it "ooo shiny"... Lack of brains means lack of focus and easily distracted by new target. Name fits with pirate Krul. Each added effect would come additional to each higher rank.

    B Smite
    Allow B to not consume stacks (based on tallent rank consuming 0 being final rank) but still grant health based on stacks and to instantly end CD on A (based on rank). If target is killed with B reset B (based on rank).

    % of (20% 40% 60% 80% 100%) based on rank of talent) Smite generated health is fortified for 2 sec. If full health then health then fortification effects up to the same amount of health as would have been given. Ex. health 200/260 smite gives 160 with being 80 fortified (50%based on talent level). So now health 260 with first 80 fortified.
    Last edited: May 19, 2017
  13. VIAnh

    VIAnh Meekos

    hey ... can i ask u a questiom ,,, ???
    i played game and my internet has a problem so the vain is out ... but am was play rank game... after 2' i reset the wifi and come back the game... so my question is : am i lost my rank point ???
    thanks u
  14. seysenvg

    seysenvg Stormguard

    taka gains unlimited attack range
  15. davidjimnez

    davidjimnez Carnie

    Grumpjaw's ultimate can swallow the target and anyone that's near him.
  16. ChugatIsChokedUp

    ChugatIsChokedUp Meekos

  17. RiceTee

    RiceTee Meekos

    Baron- Baron covers the entire map with his ultimate. Not broken at all
  18. Stath

    Stath River Troll API WINNER

    Skye ult shoots two legs either parallel but opposite side of target or they form an angle with the overlap at the tap angle and double radius if tapped on target
  19. Kraimer

    Kraimer Carnie

    Baron:B ability: Double jump or Double shot after a jump.
    Saw: Ultimate ability: Blast works with Vox's attack mechanics (reflect does 30% from main damage)
    Grumpjaw: A ability: Swing will stun enemy heroes for 2.5 sec.

    All talents shouldn't last entire match (it will break the balance completely)
    I suggest to put all talents for 90 sec. cool down and after activation they last 7-10 seconds.
  20. Kraimer

    Kraimer Carnie

    Awesome idea about ult ability!

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