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Tips on WP Vox? (RNKED - Tier 3 BR)

Discussion in 'General' started by DarkWielder, Apr 11, 2017.


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  1. DarkWielder

    DarkWielder Grangor

    H E L L O
    I just bought Box (see what I did there; 3ggrd), been wanting to buy him for a long time now. I heard that WP Vox is meta asf for laning, and that's what I use. I was getting a decent KDA at first, then it started going down. Any tips on that?

    B U I L D
    If you think my build is the problem, then I'll let you look at my build. I use the most commonly made build, statistically based on "http://shiqan.pythonanywhere.com/index/eu/". TL; DR:
    Start - Weapon Blade : Swift Shooter : HP

    Mid-Game - BP : Reflex Block : Sprint Boots : Coat Plates : (3) HP : (5) ST
    Final - HC : BP : TM : TM : Aegis : MJ or Atlas

    S T A T S
    As I've stated, from decent to hell. I was actually about to win the last game, no turrets left but the enemy team had one while I unleashed the Kraken with Vox. Our Krul decided to go AFK and the enemy Krul got a chance destroying our Vain, so that's that.

    P L A Y S T Y L E
    I normally don't try to charge enemies, I try to keep distance while using my B and finishing some lane minions with my A. I'm not that much of an aggressive player but I do take my chances when I see it.

    Anyways, thanks in advance! Cheers!
  2. UndeadDeity

    UndeadDeity Carnie

    When playing Vox you have to chill out on the edge of fights for a while. Use B and stutterstep constantly. If 3 enemies are in a straight line or grouped together, use your c. If an enemy jumps you, activate b to slow and if they're catching up, use a. In fights pay attention to your position always, stack up on the roam or whoever is in the front, once when you have enough bp stacks (I do this sometimes), burst the carry down. This is a really aggressive play so only do this if you know you can kill the carry or whoever does the most damage, can get out safely, or if u can severely damage the carry and jungler and hope your jungler can finish them off if you die. Also, if you know you're alone in lane and the enemy has low health and you can take them on without dying, try to take down the enemy. Activate b, basic attack, and if they use boots, use your a (only continue with the assault if the enemy is affected by resonance). This might kill them or this will severely hurt them. (Only do this if no one is in the bushes). Your build is perfect, but prioritize damage over anything else since your a carry. Rush bp, then buy some defense. I would say go reflex and then rush your tyrants. If you're getting hurt a lot, you might want to buy a light shield but that's it for defense. Vox hits his first power spike with his first monacle. I normally go bp, lucky strike, lucky strike, boots, reflex, light shield for early, bp, tyrants, lucky strike , reflex, boots, light shield or tier 2 armor, for mid game, and bp, tyrants, tyrants, aegis, boots, tier 2 defense for late game(I don't pay attention to the time when i'm getting my items). By then the game is usually over if not, get a metal jacket and halcyon chargers. Journey boots is good because of its chase potential but I usually go halcyon chargers because sometimes I'm out of energy.
  3. Gakboi

    Gakboi Stormguard

    May i reccomend you a build? SB BP TT works better and helps you survive the early stages of the game. And Build TT instead of TM, its a better option unless you already have a TT
  4. Guest_78

    Guest_78 Stormguard

    Actually, I would recomend that instead of the bp double tm go sb, bp, tm/tt/bs. I find it more powerful than the other
  5. Gakboi

    Gakboi Stormguard

    Wtf are you talking about???

    Edit: Sorry Nvm im an idiot who does not know how to read ahead lol
  6. PopcornOne

    PopcornOne Stormguard

    No. Use BP TM TM and Bonesaw if they build armor. If they don't have armor, buy more a Sorrowblade or more defense or buy Shiv if they have a lot of healing.

    BP TM TM was massively nerfed in 2.3 but it is actualy still the best build by a pretty big margin, according to these tests: http://forums.vainglorygame.com/index.php?threads/125419/
  7. Gakboi

    Gakboi Stormguard

    Can i ask why you didnt test BP TT TT? I beat that has more dps than all of the other builds. TT does do more crit damage than a tyrants monacle and provides attack speed. But you did say that SB TT BS is good, which means that SB BP TT should be good if they dont build armour
  8. DarkWielder

    DarkWielder Grangor

    @PopcornOne Is this true? ;)
  9. PopcornOne

    PopcornOne Stormguard

    @Gakboi @DarkWielder I tested it. It is actually very good. It pretty much mirrors BP TM TM
    Here da graphs
    IMG_4608.PNG IMG_4607.PNG
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