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Is it bug or nah

Discussion in 'Bug Reports & Help' started by Takurayuki, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. Takurayuki

    Takurayuki Meekos

    When i play ranked. In middle game i cant even use skill, tap, sent sticker or anything. I know enemy or ally fight each other but still i can't do anything. I re-log the game but SAME. I checked my internet but its fine. Aaaaaannnnd. I lost.
    Can't u fix it plz
    Ign : takurayuki

  2. klemnec

    klemnec Community Moderator

    Hello there, could you give us some more details about your device and connection? Here's the essential:
    • Region:
    • ISP (Internet Service Provider):
    • Wifi or LTE 3G/4G:
    • Device Name:
    • Model Number:
    • OS Version:
    • Rooted or Jailbroken:
    • SD Card:
    • Plugged in? If yes, is it the original charger or a 3rd party?
  3. VideoVillain

    VideoVillain Undead

    As well as providing the above info that klemnec asked for, could you also please tell me if you are able to use any of the UI functions but not move around or the opposite, you can move around but not use any UI functions?
  4. Random Troll

    Random Troll Stormguard

    could it be the tooltip stuck and cant use abilities like me i think i found out why myself alr cause the game has some of the fetures of the ingame gui tied to the phone gui(because it only happens when my device gui stopped it doesnt give a notification cause it is intentional to free up ram memory) my device has low ram memory(1GB) so sometimes when my memory runs out the background apps are often force stopped to free up space eg the phone gui which leads to the in game gui glitching aka having tooltips stuck up and not being able to use abilities. i am not sure if this is what you are experiencing this post might even be completely unrelated but just posting so @VideoVillain can know i have a guess to a issue i reported before and reconsider the support for low ram devices.

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