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I finally reached...

Discussion in 'Game Moments' started by SpecialCarrot, May 17, 2017.

  1. SpecialCarrot

    SpecialCarrot Stormguard

    T2! I'm so happy :D
    I'm not a skrub anymore. 1v1 me m8 if you think ur so good. I'll probably lose win

    Now shall I make a road to T3 thread?

    Last edited: May 17, 2017
  2. SpecialCarrot

    SpecialCarrot Stormguard

    Aaaand it got moved.
  3. HipsterSkaarf

    HipsterSkaarf Community Moderator

    Yup, sorry. I'm trying to crack down on the amount of shallow posts in General. They push actual discussion off the main page, which sucks. So threads like this - "Look at my tier" - should go to the Game Moments subforum, which is the place for highlights and screenshots anyway. Let's try to keep General for discussion threads, ok?
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  4. Trophallaxia

    Trophallaxia Stormguard

    Is this any surprise ?
  5. SpecialCarrot

    SpecialCarrot Stormguard

    Yes, yes it is a huge surprise.

    This is my smurf anyways
    Now wanna 1v1 me lul? A person who went and called everyone a nub (He's T5) in his first thread and asking for 1v1s inspired me to make this
  6. Wolffortress0001

    Wolffortress0001 Undead

    Time to carry you in salt east asia
  7. SpecialCarrot

    SpecialCarrot Stormguard

    lawl. Boost me to T11
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  8. Madness500

    Madness500 Stormguard

    Nice you copied me
  9. SpecialCarrot

    SpecialCarrot Stormguard

    I didn't see your thread. Kindly link me to it?
  10. Madness500

    Madness500 Stormguard

    I made a thread about me reaching T2.
    I forgot what it's name was.
    Just browse all my threads and you'll find it.
  11. KhailGamesForum

    KhailGamesForum Grangor

    Aaand clickbait title

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