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Legendary Mystery Chest Revealed?

Discussion in 'General' started by hhhggg, May 19, 2017.

  1. hhhggg

    hhhggg River Troll

    Check the talents comics by Gwen. I think the devs intentionally revealed but no one noticed while they were arguing about talents or at least that I know of.
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  2. Airalin

    Airalin Stormguard

    Cool find. Btw is your IGN literally hhhggg?
  3. hhhggg

    hhhggg River Troll

    Thats not my actual ign tho
  4. Airalin

    Airalin Stormguard

    Understandable have a great day.
    Last edited: May 19, 2017
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  5. ARod

    ARod Stormguard

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  6. Tamaticon

    Tamaticon Mageborn

    nice catch.
    lets see who was right with his speculations about the contents of that chest.
  7. mima

    mima Stormguard

    Please let it be something that guarantees you won't get duplicates and I might be interested.
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  8. shinracorp

    shinracorp Carnie

    This. Mostly this. Yeah, just this.
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  9. Tamaticon

    Tamaticon Mageborn

    would be only logical to do that, but then the price might change depending on the stuff you own. i have all heroes and more than half of all the skins, making the current mystery chests a bad deal for me unless i want opals (but i got 700 of them from getting the missing heroes and a lot of skins through those chests...).
    but it might get me to buy ice again, if i am guaranteed to get the new released hero.
  10. pilebuster

    pilebuster Technologist

    Inb4 1 million Talent coins drops
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  11. Random Troll

    Random Troll Stormguard

    inb4 everything in the game for the rest of the game's lifetime drops.
  12. Skieblu

    Skieblu Technologist

    I wouldn't be surprised if it is a mystery chest specifically for talent coin drops.
  13. Blue Draxel

    Blue Draxel Gythian

    I saw it too but then I thought that it could be that chest from which you get the talent coins from. Maybe thats the actual chest skin they're going to use instead of the one seen in the video.
  14. hyukaze

    hyukaze Grangor

    Well if epic chest cost 5x than the rare grade, what if legendary also 5x than epic.. imba 5k ice. RIP wallet

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