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vainglory on a downward spiral?

Discussion in 'General' started by Xenred, Jun 15, 2017.

  1. ᗟʘᗰʘ

    ᗟʘᗰʘ Technologist

    Are you forgetting that PBE is set to test balances and tweak changes? It's not because one person asked them to, it's the feedback of all the testers.
  2. HamtheGreat

    HamtheGreat Stormguard

    Really? You're in PBE?
  3. Aesthete18

    Aesthete18 Undead

    Ever since i started noticing SEMC do shady things I started pointing them out and the fact that they go beyond my cynicm kinda reinforces my perception but the one thing I never saw a pattern was in regards to balancing with new heroes/skins. Could you give specific examples to further your case?
    That's just ignorance. The fact that it is 5v5 vs 3v3 makes it more complex by default. You wouldn't say a 1v1 match is more complex than a 3v3 would you? I can't speak for ML as I haven't played it in awhile but HE is similar and I usually put in the same basket as ML (basically anything that isn't VG is trash is generally the argument - well at least until those game elements come to VG then those elements become positives). HE items are so complex that it's a pain to actually learn them. Even reading one I'm like wth. VG is the dumbed down version where you get to look at CS and just remember "I need to get 10 a minute" or "oh he has 20 more CS than me, no wonder he's doing well". You won't get that kind of child's play in games like HE/ML. You have to manually calculate your last hit because there's no number giving you the answer. You get 30% more gold which makes it even more complex. When an enemy doesn't get stunned, you don't get to see a big circle and have only 1 answer to why that happened (crucible), you have to see his skills or items and see why. People think vainglory is so complex but the only thing that even is remotely complex is the controls which actually is just you adapting to a difficult and impractical situation. I remember coming from Fates me and some people would be like, wth why are the skills on the bottom? It's just counter-intuitive. They made it such a way that you need 3 hands but only have two. So that "complexity" is just impracticality.
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  4. Stirpie

    Stirpie Technologist

    He items are pretty confusing/complex you really do need to study them.
    Honestly I probably would have stayed with he but I got bad lag spikes worse then vg.
  5. Aesthete18

    Aesthete18 Undead

    Aww that's too bad. It's quite fun this update. I just got back into it. Apparently ML has had some changes as well remodels and such.
  6. ᗟʘᗰʘ

    ᗟʘᗰʘ Technologist

    1. 1.15 LE Taka (Addition of sustainability and increased advantages over his counters.)
      • Added Kaku Healing
      • Reduced Petals escape potential.
      • Fortress Reduced health on ultimate
    2. 1.18 Skye T1-T3
      • Ozo Acrobounce damage was equally distributed, he could no longer gank laner with full damage on third bounce
      • Attack speed reduction on blackfeather
      • Skaarf crystal ratio on fan the flames removed, removing kite damage when on spitfire cooldown. Fewer stacks 1.5 seconds taken off
    3. 1.20 Rona T3
      • Red mist fortified health raised
      • Adagio hit count on agent of wrath increased
      • Catherine bubble reduced duration, cooldown now only lowers by .5 per level
      • Koshka no cooldown reduction on basic attacks. Now assassin style.
      • Petal can only blow one seed at a time. No more burst damage and heal on gank.
    4. 1.24 Sorrowblade Glave​
      • Added Armor and Shield
      • Raised Lifesteal per stack to 1%, (small change only added 0.1%, 2% at full)
      • Active Camo nerfed CD & damage, nerfed weapon buffed Crystal.
      • Blackfeather reduced barrier
    5. 2.0 Idris​
      • Flicker slow reduced at all levels.
      • Next update increases in Crystal damage on basic attack & cooldown reduction.
    You get the trend. There's more as it goes on but I'm getting tired of searching for specifics XD. Just check the trends of each update and how synergies are buffed, while counters are mechanically nerfed.
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2017
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  7. Aesthete18

    Aesthete18 Undead

    Please do.
  8. ᗟʘᗰʘ

    ᗟʘᗰʘ Technologist

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  9. OneEyeOpen

    OneEyeOpen Technologist

    All I read is......"this game used to be good but now it's bad...we want it to be good but you don't care. Your update are bad but the CG is good. The heros are bad, we want them good. Bad....good. Spinach is bad...why can't it be good"

    Can you give examples or actual suggestions to what's "good" and what's "bad"? What's your issues and what would you like to see happen to fix it?
  10. fabeyou

    fabeyou Gythian

    Yeah and they gave us Talents. Nice.

    Mobile Legends is a new game that has 5v5 and is very similar to LOL. A lot of folks left vg to it. And they don't have talents.
  11. GuyManTheDude

    GuyManTheDude Stormguard

    30% more gold for last hitting but 70% for just standing near them. It's not necessarily less complex but it is more beginner friendly but also brings the skill floor and ceiling closer together which some people . You argument about stuns is unfounded. The only thing that can negate a stun in ML is the Cleanse ability which just like crucible is obvious once they've used it.
    Mobile Legends was released in 2015. It's far from new. Mobile Legends also plays it safe and never strays from gameplay concepts that are shown to work in other games (hence 90% of the cast being direct rips from other games). Most people actually like Talents but hate the progression system implemented with them, me included.
  12. fabeyou

    fabeyou Gythian

    Better to bet on safe gameplay even if that is rip off of other games than freaking transform this into a card/coin game.

    Vg has become a game full of mini games based on cards and internal currencies that lead to more and more micro payments and then they put famous casters, streamers etc saying on twitch mobcrush etc that this talent sh1t or those awful and lazy new skins are the new best thing ever just to brain wash you.

    Btw Vainglory is ALSO a ripoff of Dota and LoL in many aspects )
  13. Xenred

    Xenred Stormguard

    Someone told me in another post they only listen to the "pros" which are people just like us who have sponsors paying for their attention and overhyped persona. They need to listen to the whole community or simple let's just all quit and see who will outlast who, btw SEMC need us WE DONT NEED THEM.
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  14. IratePirate

    IratePirate Undead

    Like stated before. Forums and Reddit are a minority of players. There's thousands upon thousands that don't participate in the online forums and are contacting SEMC directly.
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  15. GuyManTheDude

    GuyManTheDude Stormguard

    I see this a lot but I'm not sure why people are so quick to point fingers at VG when ML also has 6 currencies, all of which can be purchased with cash and promote all of their new content with people streaming it with the in-game streaming function that's a glorified money burner with the "Gifting" feature.
    Yes, all Moba games originate from Warcraft and DotA but it's one thing to share gameplay mechanics and another to copy a character from another Moba's likeness+abilities and just slap a different name on them. Look up Genn Greymane from HotS and then the new hero in ML as a prime example.

    At least if nothing else you know ML will always deliver on fun heroes because they rip them from other games.
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  16. GuyManTheDude

    GuyManTheDude Stormguard

    Pros are people just like us with the exception that they play the game for a living. Often times 6-8 hours every day. In general It makes them a little more qualified than the average player to be giving feedback. Yes SEMC need players but that doesn't mean we get to dictate gameplay changes and internal choices. If a small group of people hate a change they're free to leave and be replaced by a group who enjoy the change. Even if everyone on this forum were to stop playing I doubt it would be a noticeable change in SEMC's income.
    (With the exception of @pitchblack praised be our resident whale <3)
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  17. NoobLikePros

    NoobLikePros River Troll

    Two of my friends in which one has hit vgr bronze and the other poa gold just recently left for ML over the weekend. It's sad, because I enjoyed playing with them and they had so much skills and they left for a no skill game.
  18. fabeyou

    fabeyou Gythian

    Sad day. But you know what ? SEMC doesn't give f***. As soon the other idiots keep playing and purchasing ice for coins they pretty much say foo you.
  19. fabeyou

    fabeyou Gythian

    I have no problem whatsoever with this. If they are porting best practices else where that clearly contribute for a better gameplay experience why in the world would I not feel good about it ?

    People often feel too romantic about team A being more original than team B. But the reality is that if team B enter in the market in later stage it is only smart to learn from those who already learned and implement best practices.

    Save time and money on creative process, development, no need to run validation test cus data or customer satisfaction is widely available in social media

    The gamers get them quicker and guess what it is very likely to work all gamers best interest which can only also be good for the dev company.

    No problem whatsoever.
  20. NoobLikePros

    NoobLikePros River Troll

    True tho

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