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Discussion in 'General' started by SuperiorSwift, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. SuperiorSwift

    SuperiorSwift Grangor

    Really? Hmph, never encountered that since its release. Maybe i've been lucky. Not every player in a match even uses it. They're like the stubborn types, i'm assuming. 'Essentially', atleast one or two players are having to use it in every match.
  2. LordOfNoobs

    LordOfNoobs Technologist

    If you aren't using discord chances are the people your playing with won't be using the question ping for good...
  3. MagneticStorm

    MagneticStorm Elder

    I need the question mark to ask if my jungle is cleared by my laner or nah :/
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  4. mastemind05

    mastemind05 River Troll

    this new comm didnt have any useful thing...
    it cant express anything...
    when asking for pushing... nobody answer
    when asking for stick together. yeah they do stick together but hiding in bush do nothing...

    if u want to add a message com. please add some message that more concrete.
    like. need support, fall back, ambush kraken.
    or maybe give something hard like: "WTF you doing" sound good. "Get your gear here NOW!!!" seems legit....

    frustated when meeting troller player and unable to express it... (express it and called toxin ping)
    only can do crying emoji
    and suffer entire 15 mins being fragged by enemy team and unable to surrender...
    and if u meet same case for 3 straigh games... rage meter overload....


    also... is there an option to add people as well to thumb down people again? seems like the option to add player is only thumb up + add or add.
    if u thumb down them, u wont be able to add them
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  5. SuperiorSwift

    SuperiorSwift Grangor

    Really? Thumbing down a player will disable you from adding them??
  6. mastemind05

    mastemind05 River Troll

    in my case yes.
    so i want to ask the troller player what his gameplay... and also thumb down.... but when i checked the +player button... it change into thumb up....
    if i tap thumb down then in cancel the +player button...
  7. SuperiorSwift

    SuperiorSwift Grangor

    Ah yes, i've tried it now. This is to prevent further conflict between the troll. There is no point adding then discussing the issues because thumbing down a player is for a certain (negative) reason that has affected your gameplay so the devs are probably thinking "oh, why would that player add someone that they thumbs down. That doesn't make sense. It certainly isn't an invite to a party. It's probably to rant about their toxic actions. So we'll not allow them to cause further complications." Do you get it lol.
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2017
  8. mq003at

    mq003at Carnie

    I think we should have a chat box and this communicating system as well.
    Lots of people don't know what others meant when they ping 'Stick together' or 'I am not ready'

    P/s: they added 'Buy defensive items' ping BUT NOT 'Buy offensive item'.....
    I just had a teammate who play Taka and decided to rush for the Aegis Shield first before anything.
    Have I mentioned I really wanted to ping '?' at that time when Taka died because of farming?
  9. SuperiorSwift

    SuperiorSwift Grangor

    Don't really like the idea of a chat box, it just adds more conflict. But the devs should add more chat lines such as "retreat" or "ward gold mine". It's pretty self explanatory: "stick together". But "i'm not ready" can mean many things, I think this refers to team fights. Or needing to buy items then engaging in a team fight.

    It's not necessary to add 'buy offensive items' because every player buys them. If offensive items were added then it might be targeted at supports. Just to deal some damage. On the other hand, defensive items are crucial, even atleast one will do. If you're a mage then you're squishy. You're putting yourself at high risk e.g. Skaarf and Celeste. Just wait for an ambush. Then RIP. Not many people buy them at all which disappoints me so I have to protect them. And I empathise you at that Taka.
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2017
  10. mastemind05

    mastemind05 River Troll

    so today i play 3 games... and i always felt it is hard to ask other team mate to help me or give me back up on lane...
    i pick "stick togehter" "push to win" "lets team fight"
    but... the jungler ignore the call, and even when both me n tanker died, he didnt even bother to go lane to defend.

    another game. i try to stay alive as hard as i can, but... my jungle just keep going solo and the tanker unable to provide cover. and enemy is form by 3 laner. and why... they keep hitting the one with high def... instead the one w/o def...

    another game. there is ozo who is selfish in jungle (since counterpart is 3 laner) he keep swifting back n forth on both jungle. and me and taka unable to hold the lane. and we suffer 3 turret because of enemy rush... and taka... only focus on saw, where there is skaarf w/o def item and just get killed by saw... in turn...

    and so many times i want to ping "?" why he stay in jungle? why he hit someone hard? why this? why that? damn...
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  11. SuperiorSwift

    SuperiorSwift Grangor

    I feel you bro.
  12. pvmonkey

    pvmonkey River Troll

    add new chat such as
    lane is missing!
    "Enemy Hero Name" is missing!
  13. SuperiorSwift

    SuperiorSwift Grangor

    That was the '?' Ping's purpose lol. But that coulf be added as an extension/branch.
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2017

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