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Weird skin bugs

Discussion in 'Bug Reports & Help' started by NicTheLunatic24, Jul 16, 2017 at 9:23 AM.

  1. NicTheLunatic24

    NicTheLunatic24 Meekos

    Taka's SE skin, Fortress' tier 3 skin and Ardan's tier 3 skin have a weird bug
  2. Madness500

    Madness500 Stormguard

    What happens?
    Can you specify it?
  3. Nightlocked

    Nightlocked Elder

    @TryHarx you rated the post as agree right? Maybe you could specify?
  4. TryHarx

    TryHarx Meekos

    Oops I misclicked
  5. wEaKlY

    wEaKlY Meekos

    Night shadow Taka's skin is too pinkish same woth ardan T3, fortress' t3 is just white
  6. klemnec

    klemnec Community Moderator

    Could you post screenshots of how they look like? It might be a device-game related issue.
  7. NicTheLunatic24

    NicTheLunatic24 Meekos

    f it wont let me send a pic cause it says file is too huge but fortress is plain white instead of orange while ardan and taka are pink
  8. Skieblu

    Skieblu Stormguard

    Try uploading the images onto a website such as imgur or photobucket, then copy and paste the URL here
  9. seysenvg

    seysenvg Stormguard

    1. Click here
    2. Upload the image
    3. Come back here, press the "image" button on top of the text bar on reply selection
    4. Paste the URL
    5. Add .jpg to the end of it
    6. Press Insert
    7. Done
  10. VideoVillain

    VideoVillain Vainglory Developer Super Evil Megacorp

    This is an issue with some Galaxy S8 devices. Is that what you have @NicTheLunatic24? If so, we are already aware and working on it!

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