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‘Why I Love Vainglory’ Contest Grand Winner & Top Picks

Discussion in 'General' started by mdshafiz, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. mdshafiz

    mdshafiz Vainglory Developer Super Evil Megacorp

    Between June 1 and July 1, we asked you one question, why do YOU love Vainglory? The response we got was amazing and we would like to thank everyone who participated and shared your stories/reasons as to why you love Vainglory.

    Each week of the contest, we chose up to THREE WINNERS per region to win TEN EPIC MYSTERY KEYS EACH. The best video out of ALL regions will receive the grand prize: an iPHONE 7 PLUS!

    Below are our TOP PICKS & GRAND WINNER from the Why I Love Vainglory contest!


    AnjarMoslem talks to us about why she loves Vainglory! - Watch here.


    RedPhoenix93 goes through the reasons as to why she loves Vainglory; with a little dedication message in the post too! - Watch here.

    A cute, creative & definitely not low-quality animation by WhIteH - Watch here.

    A flashy video by pimtyannnn - Watch here.

    Creepy, dramatic but exciting at the same time by MOTO0912 - Watch here.

    You’re next. Get ready to be stunned! - Watch here.

    GoddessOfGods gets everyone in her friendlist to tell us why they love Vainglory - Watch here.

    A quick but extremely cute animation - Watch here.

    Aleyc shows us that you can be in different places but at the end of the day, you are all in the Halcyon Fold - Watch here.

    HitNotFar shows us the reasons as to Why I Love Vainglory - Watch here.

    Adam20 shows us his reasons as to why he loves Vainglory through the funky video - Watch here.

    Who is washing the dishes tonight? Not me. - Watch here.

    Flashy video by dewzEU - Watch here.

    Clay sculpturing?! - Watch here.

    Cyeye shows us why he loves Vainglory - Watch here.

    RavenChase goes retro with his entry for Why I Love Vainglory - Watch here.

    BloodButterfly talks to us about why he loves Vainglory - Watch here.

    Stunning animation by TaurusChampion - Watch here.

    A RAP SONG!? - Watch here.

    Walaosienz creates a impressive trailer-like video - Watch here.

    ItzRyax goes hard on the editing - Watch here.

    pyrocrystal creates a quick, extremely charming vide for why he loves Vainglory - Watch here.
  2. Reskillest

    Reskillest Grangor

    I m not in the list.
    Watch Here.
  3. Pisci

    Pisci Gythian

    congrats. yay.
  4. Xhaan

    Xhaan Carnie

    Where's week 3 and week 4 winners of sg/my region?????? i dont think july consists of only two weeks.....
  5. mdshafiz

    mdshafiz Vainglory Developer Super Evil Megacorp

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