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Looking for a guild SEA

Discussion in 'Looking for a Guild' started by Alim, Jul 17, 2017 at 2:33 PM.

  1. Alim

    Alim Carnie

    Hi, I'm looking for friends to play with though it is hard for me to find a guild that suits me as I'm usually only active on weekends or weekdays after 10pm singapore time.

    I love this game, been playing since a month after it's release? And would love to find friends to play with.

    I'm non toxic, tier 5 gold currently amd can play multiple heroes. I love to analyze gameplays especially the current NA scene #GSWIN.

    http://www.vgminer.com/DataMine/PlayerData?playerName=AwesomeAlame&region=sg these are my stats. Preferably would love to join an SG guild where we could hang out on weekends and VG tgt.

    Hit me up I sound like the person you'd love to have in your guild!
    IGN AwesomeAlame

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