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Users of the Essence exploit have been permanently banned & the exploit patched

Discussion in 'Announcements & Status' started by wolf_hands, Jul 27, 2017.

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  1. wolf_hands

    wolf_hands Vainglory Developer Super Evil Megacorp

    Recently, Super Evil Megacorp identified that a small minority of players have been using third-party hacking tools to exploit Vainglory’s Essence system and craft free skins. All the players verified as offenders have now been permanently banned from the game, and the exploit has been patched.

    For anyone contemplating using jailbroken/rooted devices or third-party software for similar purposes, know that we can detect you and will ban you without warning. Our players spend their time, energy and hard-earned money to unlock Vainglory skins and heroes, and we will protect and defend those who do things the right way.

    -PlayoffBeard & SEMC Team
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