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Reza abilities VS everything

Discussion in 'Videos & Livestreams' started by Jiinko, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. Jiinko

    Jiinko Gythian

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  2. TornFrost

    TornFrost Grangor

    just discovered that his ultimate nullifies ringo's C damage if you have right timing!
  3. Teajcof

    Teajcof Stormguard

    Awesome vid
  4. Gatorrex

    Gatorrex Undead

    Lance can knock you back when you ult tho
  5. Jiinko

    Jiinko Gythian

    As I said, "...exactly like when I dodge the Celeste basic attack. I didn't realize it wasn't obvious to everyone."
  6. Spicyfries

    Spicyfries Stormguard

    Super useful! Thanks for this.
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