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[SEA] Looking for mates to Rank up with.

Discussion in 'Looking For Quick Teammates' started by quadryno, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. quadryno

    quadryno Minion

    I'm in Malaysia, SEA region and I'm already in a team and guild. Just looking for some mates who would rank up together instead of yoloq.
    Currently at 'Got Swagger' Bronze mostly soloq. Rarely touch rank mode due to all the instalockers that usually cost me some loses and the toxicity.

    My IGN is quadryno and I usually play in the evening, 8PM GMT +8 generally.
    My role is mainly jungle with either Blackfeather or Alpha, though I'm generally good with others. I'm horrible at laning so that's out of the question. My roaming is adequate but please do not expect any of the amazing.

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