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Addressing Recent Fears

Discussion in 'Announcements & Status' started by wolf_hands, Aug 24, 2017.

  1. Thelegitimatewin

    Thelegitimatewin Gythian

    Good ideas take time, and sometimes some heroes get skins before others as a result. It's not that the design team purposely wants to create skins for everyone else before Baptiste *Cough cough wuxia Ozo cough cough* it's more so they had a better cooler skin concept for another hero :)
  2. Thelegitimatewin

    Thelegitimatewin Gythian

    I've always wanted to express to SMEC SCEM SEMC how they should implement text chat or even voice chat to the game. Yeah, it's a risky move and it will inevitably encourage toxicity, but at the same time it can be extremely helpful, especially when it comes to ranked play. One of the main skills in any MOBA is good communication, and the sometimes the pings just don't do it justice. On paper, the pings seem to solve a lot of communication issues, but in practice it usually proves otherwise. I don't know about you, but I can't really tell my jungler what they need to improve on with a 'avoid' ping. That's really the last base that needs to be covered when it comes to communication in my opinion, and I feel text/speech chat is the best way to do it :)
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  3. DragonSkale

    DragonSkale Meekos

    So, I main Glaive for almost three years, but I can't play ranked matches cause of the lack of heroes (due to some mistakes in the past). So I never played ranked, but somehow I'm Gold Rock Solid (T3). And when I try to play Casual Games, in which I have over 80 wins I get only pros in the enemy team or in mine or completely beginning players in my or the enemy's team. Please fix this, I want to have fun playing too :/
  4. Varking

    Varking Meekos

    As a new player who had no interest in your game for years I can say I knew of the game but decided to take a leap of faith after seeing some ads online for this.

    When it comes to why this over other mobile mobas? I came here because this game has been around for years, is on the competitive scene and because I have watched how active this mod team as well as the player base is on all forms of social media. You wouldn't be as active as you are if you didn't believe in your product.

    Hoping to play this game for a long time going forward and I love seeing communication like this. Keep it up!
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  5. Chriszle

    Chriszle Community Moderator

  6. doogeee

    doogeee Grangor

    do you still listen and look at forums...lool
    if you do pls... read... so many people wants new stuff like new UI or fixing how the pnishment works stuff like that or maybe juste) hahahA :l

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