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Addressing Recent Fears

Discussion in 'Archived Announcements' started by wolf_hands, Aug 24, 2017.

  1. Thelegitimatewin

    Thelegitimatewin Gythian

    Good ideas take time, and sometimes some heroes get skins before others as a result. It's not that the design team purposely wants to create skins for everyone else before Baptiste *Cough cough wuxia Ozo cough cough* it's more so they had a better cooler skin concept for another hero :)
  2. Thelegitimatewin

    Thelegitimatewin Gythian

    I've always wanted to express to SMEC SCEM SEMC how they should implement text chat or even voice chat to the game. Yeah, it's a risky move and it will inevitably encourage toxicity, but at the same time it can be extremely helpful, especially when it comes to ranked play. One of the main skills in any MOBA is good communication, and the sometimes the pings just don't do it justice. On paper, the pings seem to solve a lot of communication issues, but in practice it usually proves otherwise. I don't know about you, but I can't really tell my jungler what they need to improve on with a 'avoid' ping. That's really the last base that needs to be covered when it comes to communication in my opinion, and I feel text/speech chat is the best way to do it :)
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  3. DragonSkale

    DragonSkale Meekos

    So, I main Glaive for almost three years, but I can't play ranked matches cause of the lack of heroes (due to some mistakes in the past). So I never played ranked, but somehow I'm Gold Rock Solid (T3). And when I try to play Casual Games, in which I have over 80 wins I get only pros in the enemy team or in mine or completely beginning players in my or the enemy's team. Please fix this, I want to have fun playing too :/
  4. Varking

    Varking Meekos

    As a new player who had no interest in your game for years I can say I knew of the game but decided to take a leap of faith after seeing some ads online for this.

    When it comes to why this over other mobile mobas? I came here because this game has been around for years, is on the competitive scene and because I have watched how active this mod team as well as the player base is on all forms of social media. You wouldn't be as active as you are if you didn't believe in your product.

    Hoping to play this game for a long time going forward and I love seeing communication like this. Keep it up!
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  5. Chriszle

    Chriszle Community Moderator

  6. doogeee

    doogeee Elder

    do you still listen and look at forums...lool
    if you do pls... read... so many people wants new stuff like new UI or fixing how the pnishment works stuff like that or maybe juste) hahahA :l
  7. Akasha

    Akasha Elder

    A little more customisation in the HUD would be nice, personally I would like options for the size and location of both items and abilities. The options we have at the moment are very limited, being a tablet moba there's no right or wrong hand position, posture, sitting or lying down, whatever. Everyone plays differently, and on different devices. so I feel the HUD design should reflect that. Just an idea. <3
  8. Mags

    Mags Minion

    On meta: my opinion on the over performing meta.

    Dps: Some actual dps testing by devs would be greatly appreciated. Think about how much they can dish out over 30s and adjust their offensive rating with both weapon and crystal with abilities. Community feedback is often biased and based on their own favorite heros. Skill evadability is another factor and should factor small adjustments. Maybe You should adjust ratings on a 1-10 rating as a 30-300 damage avg. A 3 enemy dummy will be usefull and should be a dev resource. Very easy to make.

    Defense: Overall defense should include overal ability to evade enemy attacks. Energy shield, dodging, and heal abilities included. A single scale model doing about 300 dps as usual "highest dps to one max armor item and shield item should be used. Using all skills and evading taking damage recieved by a good hero for testing with skills that are individually (evadable) and unavoidable. Including stuns. 1-10 rating. 30-300 avg damage received.

    Mobility: a simple test no shoes all levels time to get to a line all move abilities used. 1-10 scale to seconds

    Utility: Proc per second basis testing: ";use all utility abilities to stun etc. How often in a 30 second time frame can use this including how long its active? Do they heal or provide shielding? If so move to defense category. A multiplier in value 1-3x is included for whole team to single member for defensive testing. Use a 3 moving dummies. 1-10 stun rate per second 10-100% of the time?

    This is balancing made by a reliable source. Of course totally dominating characters should be slightly nerfed. If Its still so its items that need to be provided to create a counterplay in a more buffed sense perhaps. I believe groups of players have a go to hero setup that becomes very meta characters and supports them with their community feedback. Again please use unbiased testing as the main hero scaler.

    On SEMC "not listening":

    The rating system and feedback is often biased and unfair against well mannered casual players. From experience I notice some people don't completely understand karma. For example, as a good rated player ill get four caution "pings and multiple frown faces at me each time I die. As a result I fell unwanted and help the other player and maybe he doesnt want me farming over there either. As a result I use "stick together pings", be carefull (when the guy who doesnt want my help rushes solo way across the map, or I might even respond angerly. At the end of the match I might end up getting a "thumbs down" for responding negatively for "rude pings" from a guy I already recieved rudeness from. Making karma hurt someone who was on the receiving end of the rudeness.
    This is why repeat offenders should temporarily have their ability to rate others disabled.
    Also perhaps a ratings % in total games should be applied. However its important to facor in that rude players will simply mark you for "trolling griefing" when the player had unskilled play. Since unskilled play exists and groups ostracising players exist an "unsportsmanlike"
    Rating should be availabe also; For players who completely ignore their teammates.
    As a result I feel the rating system of 1-5 stars is often lowered largely because of united friendly players playing against unskilled or unsportsmanlike gameplay get an unenjoyable experience. Consistently rated unsportsmanlike players in an avg amount of games should have a reduction in rank from total earnings over a certain amount of games.

    So this is why I think SEMC seems to ignore lots of feedback. It seems to bea karma system that isn't well done and needs reworking. Taking into account very carefully and statistically feedback from good and fairly rated good karma players.

    Acc goneballistic
    Feel free to msg
  9. six6six

    six6six Minion

    how many of you agree to drop your rank when it come out with the new season?
  10. Lynxt

    Lynxt Minion

    whats M+K
  11. zhoulhas

    zhoulhas Carnie

    Mouse and keyboard. Samsund Dex is supported by this game.
  12. Odizus

    Odizus Carnie

    You must be new to this game because I remember how hard it was to obtain the very first skins released and now it’s a cake walk. It took me nearly two months to get Koshka kandi twirl but only 7 days to get that tech savvy Samuel skin. Is this a millennial thing? How the current youth complain about everything not being handed to them on a silver platter? Maybe if you spent more time playing and less time whining, you might get skins in a reasonable amount of time. I just earned $8000 in 3 days. That would have taken me weeks when this game first came out. So suck it up buttercup because no one cares that you have to actually work to unlock skins. #smh

    Some of us can’t stand Reddit. In my experience, Reddit is for grown men living in their moms’ basements. Or teenage boys who need a place to voice their frustration (puberty) by trolling and bullying. Operative word on both cases, Reddit is for men. Woman are only welcome there if they are 1. Naked and posting proof or 2. A crazy fan girl. Pass on both accounts. I like the forums here, separate from Reddit so I can see actual players and creators communicating with each other. Whether I am just getting news, clarification on news or learning something, my experience has been positive and welcoming here. I hope that these forums really are not dying because Facebook is not reliable and Twitter only allows so many characters. But I’d still prefer FB or Twitter over Reddit, any day.

    Just my two cents.

    I appreciate Vainglory. And honestly, the best marketing you can do is to stay on those “top (insert word here) lists” in the App Store. That’s how I found you how many years ago. I think you were on apples new and noteworthy apps list and I took a chance. Best decision I made was downloading this game. Thank you!

    Also, I really miss the purple question mark ping. I can’t tell you how many times I’m shaking my head because we are 60 seconds into the match and everyone is in the jungle attacking the same monster as we lose our first turret.... I know you can’t control noobs or trolls, but man, I wish I had a WTF button.

    Last edited: Dec 23, 2017
  13. OneEyeOpen

    OneEyeOpen Technologist

    I’m pretty sure most of the male men in the forums are “younger”. 13-20 yo. But I really don’t understand your reply.

    I was trying to question why other social networking sites are prioritized over the forums. Not, “which social networking site is better?”.

    You are really putting women on a false pedestal with your statement. I think you don’t give enough credit to the women of reddit. It’s really disrespectful if I may say. But it’s your opinion I guess.
  14. Rayney

    Rayney River Troll

    I have female friends who use reddit and know of other female users active on Reddit, argument is invalid. Just because you may not like reddit doesn't mean every other woman dislikes Reddit. Have you even been on the Vainglory Reddit page? Basically the same discussions that occur everywhere else "bugged ticket chest", etc... I don't post on twitter or Facebook because I find that those websites are not good places for quality discussion, and I visit the forums and the Reddit page with the same frequency. I do find it easier to look at posts on Reddit though, because a lot of forum posts are hidden in the different categories for posting threads.
  15. Odizus

    Odizus Carnie

    Regardless, your argument has no sway with me - coming from men. If you’re into reddit, right on. It’s just not for me and if VG choose to make it their only social outlet, then I guess I don’t need to be here that bad.

    However, this is not the case and I know I’m not alone in my distain for Reddit. Perhaps the reasoning is different for others. Personally, I’m just not into the type of people I see posting on Reddit. I shared my experience and even though you can’t ever relate (you have different genitals) you decided to comment anyway. Whatever. We are all different, yada yada. Let’s just agree to disagree.

    (Saying I have females friends on Reddit is like saying, “I’m not racist - I have black friends” - but in the end you’re not female - so opinion now in void)

  16. Aesthete18

    Aesthete18 Undead

    I've been playing the game before skins existed. I created a starred thread on skins guide. I already have all the skins I want and enough currency to create the ones I'd like in the future. All that aside, can you explain to me how 5760 is more of a cake walk compared to 3696? I would love to hear the logic of this.

    1. The numbers are essence
    2. 5760 is new system legendary skin
    3. 3696 is old system legendary skin
  17. idmonfish

    idmonfish Community Moderator

    I thought in the original original skin system you could only buy them? Or essence didn’t exist? Or card boxes didn’t exist. It was originally very hard to get skins I think.
  18. Tamaticon

    Tamaticon Mageborn

    timeline of the skins (roughly with important glory updates)

    -t1 skins with cards dropping from games
    -adding skins till the first t3 skins appear
    -adding the card boxes
    -taka event (lots of essence)
    -buy t2 and t3 skins for ice directly
    -guilds (big first season payout), chest and 10 more levels happening as well as level up rewards (i just dont want to look this all up)
    -sunlight, daily chest
    -stand alone skins
    -daily chest changes
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  19. Odizus

    Odizus Carnie

    Yes. That’s the point exactly. Your numbers mean nothing because at the end of the day, with several goal chests, daily chests dropping ever 5 or so hours and the occasional t1, t2 and t3 cards dropping from games, you still get skins ten times faster than when the price of essence was lower. So stop being annoying and #stfu. Your whining ruins the forums for everyone. Your complaint is almost as bad as the people crying over the lack of ozo skin before it was released. SEMC doesn’t have to give us chests or make us skins and yet they do. How do you repay them? You tell tell them the inch they provided isn’t enough but you’ll take a mile. You are spoiled, self entitled and ya need to calm your roll. #hatemillenials

  20. Aesthete18

    Aesthete18 Undead

    Were the drop rates a lot? How long would it take to get a T1?

    I'm sorry but are you okay? You show up in the forum and start ranting off like a lunatic to some post I wrote months ago maybe longer then proceed to tell the person you started to annoy that they should stop being annoying and stfu? Why say something in the first place if you want that person to stfu? Pro tip, if you want someone to be quiet, don't reply to their decade old post. That usually does the trick. Not to mention the lack of any logic with the how the difficulties vary. You do realize that you need 18 epic cards for an epic skin with no glory box guaranteeing that you get even a single one right? This has nothing to do with entitlement, your absolutele lack of any logical sense fascinates me. The notion that 4 box > 1 box hence easier skins, that is almost childlike thinking. I have 4 grapes but he has 1 melon therefore I will be less hungry, like what? If you're going to defecate through your mouth, at least have the decency not to pass it off as facts like I do with my ramblings. Or at the very least, give an argument that doesn't sound like the millennial that you hate so much, "umm I don't care what u say cause I'm right, you're annoying, stfu". That sounds very millennial talk to me given that's how a child would sound. I mean #stfu? Could you be more millennial? #potkettle?
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