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Mage Meta Incoming! (2.9 Strategy Guide)

Discussion in 'General' started by A A Ron, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. A A Ron

    A A Ron River Troll

    I'm pretty sure all of you have heard of the exciting changes 2.9 will bring. I've gathered a list in order to apply towards your builds/strategies once the update hits!

    New CP Items
    Dragon's Eye
    Dragon Eye (2).jpg

    +85 Crystal Power
    Passive: Gain 20 crystal power each second you damage enemy heroes. After 2.5s lose 3 stacks per second. 9 stacks max.
    Cost: 3000

    This is the new Crystal Power damage aplification item. This item is very powerful! Even more powerful than Broken Myth! With full stacks you get 180 Crystal Power + 85 Crystal Power = 265 Crystal power in 9 seconds! However, I do not recomment buying this first! Most CP Mages won't live to see full 9 stacks in the early game! But if you think you can survive that long go ahead and buy it! You'll be in a much better place if you buy Shatterglass first! Shatterglass will provide monstorous flat CP damage, but atleast you won't have to wait to increase your crystal power!
    -If you buy Dragon's Eye You'll be at a disadvantage when 1v1 someone who has built Shatterglass first.
    -Only buy this item (Should be your second or third purchase T3 item purchase) if team fights last a long time. DO NOT buy if you don't build any defense. Instead you should build Broken Myth.

    Spellfire (3).jpg

    +90 Crystal Power
    Passive: Abilities dealing crystal damage to enemies (excluding lane minions) deals 100% of your crystal power as bonus crystal damage over 4 seconds
    Cost: 2700
    This item is completley new and very cost effective. It has the same build path as Dragon Eye and Shatterglass. This item is good for heroes with poking potential like Celeste, Joule, and Baptiste. Although Skaarf already has a perk similar to Spellfire's passive, you could build it to complement his perk. The passive works a lot like Skaarf's perk and Fortresses' bleeding effects.
    -Ticks of damage occur very rapidly over 4 seconds
    -Will not apply Frostburn's Passive
    -DOES NOT work well with Broken Myth
    -Works well with Dragon's Eye
    -Great first buy for increased poke damage
    -Shield greatly reduces the damage from the passive (In this case build Dragon's Eye to increase the passive's damage)

    -Passive can be applied to turrets, Kraken, and jungle camps
    -Passive can be refreshed consistantly

    CP Item Changes
    Lots of items have been revamped! Let's take a look at what changed!
    Broken Myth

    Old Stats
    +70 Crystal Power
    +10% Shield Pierce
    Passive: Amplify all crystal damage by 4% for each second you are attacking enemy heroes. After 4s, you lose a stack each second. 9 stacks max.
    Cost: 3100

    New Stats:
    +80 Crystal Power
    Passive: Shieldbreaker: +30% Shield Pierce (Does not stack with other Shieldbreakers)
    Cost: 2700
    Broken Myth is no longer a staple item for CP builds. No longer do we have to depend on Broken Myth to amplify our crystal power. It is also more cheaper and it's piercing stat is now it's passive. Build this item if you intend to end fights quickly. Having a flat CP damage output has its advantages with Broken Myth since shield will be less effective.
    -More cost effective
    -Increased Shield Pierce
    -New Shield Pierce Formula (No longer deals true damage, it will now ignore shield)


    Changed the way the passive works
    -Frostburn's slow will only slow enemies who are hit with abilities
    -Will no longer slow enemies who are damaged by indirect crystal damage (damage not dealt by abilites)
    Such as: Alternating Current, Aftershock, Spellfire, Skaarf's Perk, and Petal's Munions
    -Petal permaslow is now non-existant

    Old Stats:
    +40% Cooldown Speed
    +250 Max Energy
    +7.5 Energy Recharge
    Passive: Amplify all crystal power by 30%
    Cost: 2250

    New Stats:
    +60 Crystal Power
    +35% Cooldown Speed
    +250 Max energy
    +7.5 Energy Recharge
    Cost: 2500
    Passive: Upon damaging an enemy hero with an ability, reduce all cooldowns by 7.5%. This can only occur once every 2 seconds.

    The new clockwork already looks like eye candy. It's new passive behaves just like Grace's Perk. Landing abilities will be crucial when building this item. Building this on Celeste and Skaarf will certainly help in getting your B ability up and running to survive!
    -More expensive
    -No longer amplifies crystal power
    -Passive will greatly reduce cooldowns on all abilities
    -Now has 60 flat crystal power

    Moved to the Utiliy section of the shop
    Color from blue to purple

    Other Item Changes
    Poisoned Shiv:
    -Lifesteal down from 10% to 8%
    -Lifesteal is no longer stackable (Renamed Vampirism)

    Serpents Mask:
    New Passive: Vampirism: +?% Lifesteal
    -Lifesteal no longer stackable

    Max charges from 3 to 4
    "We need vision, We need vision, We need vision"
    Health up from 200 to 300
    Cooldown down from 30% to 20%
    True Damage increased to compensate for the global increase of health from 15% to 25%

    Global Health Increase
    -Every hero will have their health increased
    -Every her will have their shield and armor decreased
    -Overall, will make every hero more durable

    "You get a buff, You get a buff, EVERYONE GETS A BUFF!"

    Note: All stats are subject to change and most of these stat changes are rumored to be due to the PBE streams.
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2017
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  2. Ayoki

    Ayoki Technologist

    does skye A and petals munions work with dragon eye?
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  3. redson

    redson Grangor

    Thanks for the post. Why semc don't released patch notes already really pisses me off.
    I hate they renamed lifesteal to ugly word like vampirism. Poison shiv nerf unnecessary. Petal back to potato status.
  4. A A Ron

    A A Ron River Troll

    Yes it does work with Dragon Eye.
    Any Ability will work with Dragon Eye
  5. Khantalas

    Khantalas Stormguard

    Any ability with a CP ratio, specifically. Even when it comes to dealing damage, there is at least one ability (Shimmerstrike) with no CP ratio.
  6. RoyalSerperior

    RoyalSerperior Mageborn

    All I care about is how op CP Fort will fit in this mess, you know... With the new items, defense and base health tweaks, CP tree rework, the nerf on his B (I'm guessing it's on the max health damage when reaching 6 bleeding stacks) and the buff on Attack of the Pack (presumably just a meaningless increase on Fortified Health or sth), is he ded, will he rise?
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  7. Eggcellent

    Eggcellent Grangor

    I'm more worried about Roam Fortress. It bothers me that they wont buff his Utility but, they'll nerf his damage (I'm assuming) without any utility buffs to make up for it? I really wish I could ask SEMC what they are thinking when it comes to Fortress' changes because i'm honestly clueless.
  8. RoyalSerperior

    RoyalSerperior Mageborn

    imho he just shouldn't even had to be a roamer in the first place, he should have been a jungler
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  9. Glowurm

    Glowurm Elder

    Clearly fortress isn’t a roamed anymore, he has no zero ability to peel for allies and this lack of utility is why nobody picks him as roam in draft. Can’t recall the last time I saw him picked in draft outside of jungle CP.
  10. Eggcellent

    Eggcellent Grangor

    My heart... :(
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  11. Sandiha

    Sandiha Stormguard

  12. KatnissNeverclean

    KatnissNeverclean River Troll

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  13. cwilfried

    cwilfried Gythian

    Since everyone's health got increased but armor/shields decreased, AS will be better.

    I think...
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  14. cwilfried

    cwilfried Gythian

    I'm still playing Captain Fortress though... But he's more like a counter-hero.
  15. Flicker

    Flicker Technologist

    Finally, they put that vegetable in the ground once and for all.
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  16. RoyalSerperior

    RoyalSerperior Mageborn

    I guess but on the other side AS damage won't be boosted by BM anymore. To me it's confusing.
  17. Xaldarian

    Xaldarian Stormguard

    Taka with Raw CP CW SG Spellfire will be absolute hell for enemies... His Kaiten will open up damage over time and his Xretsu will intensify this damage.

    They need to nerf Reim and Celeste to the ground or they will be unstoppable.

    I already have a 3.0 kda ratio on average with Reim...
  18. ScarletZero

    ScarletZero Elder

    But the question is.....
    Does ClockWork affect your Items CoolDowns?
    As I remember SEMC many Months ago wanting to release an item that basically did the same thing as the new ClockWork would do, but it affected Item CoolDowns.
    And the way ClockWork is worded looks like this may be the case as it says "All CoolDowns" not "All Ability CoolDowns"
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  19. Commanderren

    Commanderren Stormguard

    More like CP Jungler gonna be OP af next update
  20. Dachigenius

    Dachigenius Technologist

    Words of ultimate truth right here
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