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Didn't get baron's new skin

Discussion in 'Bug Reports & Help' started by zilidian, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. zilidian

    zilidian Meekos

    Ok so please check my account zilidian bc I didn't get baron's new skin and I had saved ice for an event like this one and of you check I'm sure you can clarify if I went over 20 times because it appears that I did but I won't spend another dime bc I got screwed over on corsair krul then and I know I spent more ice then I should have had to vs chances on that one and this one would be MAYBE 1 chance off but that's too suspect. Maybe vainglory should clarify the real terms of this because it always had been a huge dump four something that is seemingly random.
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  2. HipsterSkaarf

    HipsterSkaarf Community Moderator

    I'm sorry you didn't get the skin, but you have to remember, it's not *guaranteed* in 20 chests. Each chest has a 1-in-20 chance, like it says. It sucks that you didn't get it, but it's just bad luck. :(
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  3. Aesthete18

    Aesthete18 Undead

    Ah another one takes the bait. Chin up and consider it a lesson learnt.
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  4. Moonman117

    Moonman117 Stormguard

    Don't buy into SEMCs bullshit, or any game with lootboxes for that matter
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  5. klemnec

    klemnec Community Moderator

    You have 1 in 20 chance of getting the skin but they reset every time you buy them.
    Let’s see a lottery example and say to win the skin you need to match 3 numbers out of 50 and you’re allowed to pick 5. The chances to win the prize would be 1 in 224. If you played 224 times through different days, your chances wouldn’t stack up, they would stay at 1 in 224.

    The only way for them to stack up would be to play the 224 on the same lotto but the problem is that this one doesn’t apply on our case.
  6. Tamaticon

    Tamaticon Mageborn

    he fell for it twice...

    on a side note: wouldnt it be better if there was a guaranteed drop of the skin after a certain number of opened chests? i think it would be a good idea to drop it with the 20th chest. helps to reduce angry players like the op and it makes money for semc (if you have opened 15 chests already, you will go till the end, if you knew you would get it atleast at number 20)
  7. Dachigenius

    Dachigenius Technologist

    Got it first try.
  8. zilidian

    zilidian Meekos

    I'm taking about probability really. Ok just consider it that last time I spend any money in this game. Obviously, this should be disclosed for clarification. I consider it highly unlikely that my odds were this dismal. Feel free to troll away.. **logging off**
  9. VainMaster017

    VainMaster017 Elder

    199X20 = 3980 ice

    You could have just waited and bought the skin for ice lol
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  10. BiggyFoot

    BiggyFoot Mageborn

    Ok ok ;-;
  11. Tamaticon

    Tamaticon Mageborn

    this is quite clear already.
    its still a bad system, but you did get what they promised you.
    just by probability, 35% of all players buying 20 chests will NOT get the skin.
    that is why you should never ever buy into those things, if all you want is the skin and you dont care for the rest.
  12. LegendaryE

    LegendaryE Stormguard

    some people get it first try , others get it second , others get it the 5th time
    so the idea behind it is to spend more ice than the real ones
    like if they release baron for ice directly they get fixed amount of ice
    while with the chest system they show you a cheap way to get it by 199 ice

    now they hit 2 birds with one stone , they are targetting the whales and the broke with this system
    the whales going to spend ice until they get it so they could spend 6000 ice instead of waiting the direct ice , 3500 ice price
    the broke ones not going to spend 3500 for it but they going to try their chance and spend 199 once and get nothing , then there are some spend twice or triple times then they stop , some people just going to spend all what they have and maybe they get nothing ,

    so the strategy is to empty the ice you have and make you buy more ice
  13. Tamaticon

    Tamaticon Mageborn

    of course it is.
    i understand very well what they are doing and i really dislike it.
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