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wE NEeD VisIoN

Discussion in 'General' started by VainMaster017, Nov 14, 2017.


New pings?

This poll will close on Jun 2, 2018 at 6:25 AM.
  1. "I need to shop"

    16 vote(s)
  2. "I need gold/farm"

    14 vote(s)
  3. "Cave-men like communication is good enough for me."

    9 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. VainMaster017

    VainMaster017 Gythian

    Standard and ranked. If it's less than 4 mins, please do not spam "We NeEd VisIOn",i can't pull scoutmines out of my ass. Once or twice, yea, makes sense, but don't re-ping for vision before 4 mins. When you die in lane, I have to back all the way to sanctuary to get vision, since jungle shop isn't open. Meanwhile, no one is defending lane.... because YOU overextended and now the team pays the price. "What about the jungler?" Please, it's not fair to ask the jungler to babysit.

    Note: This isn't a salt rant, because I actually have an idea to help communication.

    "I need to shop"

    (I need to shop is self-explanatory.)


    "I need gold/farm!"

    Roamers can get mad at carries for dying so early, foolishly and for spamming "buy defense items". Obviously, you need gold for that. Most times this ping is used when a team is losing. You can't buy anything if you're low on gold, especially if you lost farm. As obvious as it seems, carries sometimes expect you to materialize items from thin air. Roamers expect a MJ when you can barely afford a t2 armor sometimes. When your team has low gold, the roamer has low gold. "I need gold/farm" ping can tell carries, "heads up i haven't bought items yet" when they ping or recommend you items. Likewise, carries can explain they can't buy a MJ easy either.

    Alright, done somewhat clickbaity salty/suggestion thread. We need a roamer appreciation day. Thanks for reading.

    Last edited: Nov 14, 2017
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  2. PhifeDawg

    PhifeDawg Grangor

    Lol, I just had a superb Ardan teammate. He started the match by cracking we need vision jokes. We had vision xD

    There was a Taka. This Ardan even told me to change heroes in the draft. So I did.


    Myself and Kestrel started getting bloodlust but he said "be careful" and retreated.

    Mobile Legend's "innitiate retreat" is better
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2017
  3. Aesthete18

    Aesthete18 Undead

    "I'm not ready" is the answer to everything apparently.
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  4. Colton

    Colton Technologist

    I'm mean technically it can apply to any of these scenarios. But it's an intentional broad ping. Where this useful is saying "I'm not ready" combined with signaling cooldown or sending on my way. This can convey being un prepared for a teamfight, or needing to buy respectively. You essentially get more pings for the price of one simple ping system

    The drawback of broad pings is they can be badly interpreted. And some scenarios need something more. I say replace the useless "buy defense item" with "focus _____ hero" and we have everything we need to effectively communicate in 3v3. And no additional communication should be added.

    Who knows what they will do for 5v5.

    Btw sorry off topic a bit :)
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  5. DarkNerdRage

    DarkNerdRage River Troll

    I would like to see a rotate ping as well.

    I would also like to see a communication system like dark/demon souls. It would allow preset customization without things getting particularly toxic or weird.
  6. Xenomorph111

    Xenomorph111 Gythian

    the ping we all need is "I need healing!"
    semc please do us this favor
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2017
  7. RoyalSerperior

    RoyalSerperior Stormguard

    I'm not ready!
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  8. inktomi

    inktomi Grangor

    That would get trollish. Healing in this game has long enough cooldowns that it can’t really be done on demand, and healers already tend to put out what heals they can when they can. Your health bar says you need healing.

    The only purpose of a ping would be to complain that someone else got healed instead of you, or because you don’t like the way someone manages eir cooldowns. The only time someone just doesn’t know to heal you is if you are off screen. This just is not the sort of game where someone else can take care of your character all the time

    Better than that would be to put some you of indicator for teammate health on screen (maybe a ring around their minimal icon) so you can tell that someone off screen is taking damage.
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  9. Xenomorph111

    Xenomorph111 Gythian

    That's the point you walnut. "I need healing!" is something Overwatch players say (mainly used by Genji mains) to ask for healing when they are low on health. Another acceptable ping is "MEDIC!!!".
  10. Setbackss

    Setbackss Technologist

    I'mm sorrrrryyyyy

    This would actually be really nice. Constantly using the minimap in fights and not knowing if someone is fine unless you're on voice comm can get annoying
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  11. Wali

    Wali Grangor

    What we actually need is a "stfu" ping. That can not possibly be more toxic than being spammed with any of the other pings, and being able to reply in an adequate manner would decrease my stress-levels significantly.
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2017
  12. DarkHydra2002

    DarkHydra2002 Stormguard

    this ping is on the scoreboard, tap the icon next to a friendly hero and BOOM, ez STFU ping...
  13. Wali

    Wali Grangor

    Having to mute at least one of my team-members each match is not a solution. It is not even communication.

    It could be a useful form of communication, if the player in question got a fat message on his screen announcing "Wali muted you!".
    That deserves its own voiceline, even, in a gravely, sad tone: "You have been muted."

    (And yes - I would spam that.)
  14. Teajcof

    Teajcof Stormguard

    I'm not ready for new pings... there done everything
  15. I Main Blackfeather

    I Main Blackfeather River Troll

    First 2 can be used by "I'm not ready"
  16. LadyPhoeniX74

    LadyPhoeniX74 Carnie

    I only use the running man ping, the yellow hazard ping, the white ping, and the thumbs up/beer mugs/crying face/smiling face.

    If Kraken is up (as a carry), I will white ping kraken....and wait. If another team member attacks kraken, I will help. Sometimes they ping, "I'm not ready" and I give a thumbs up. I normally use white pings as a question.

    Other than that, I pretty much ignore pings unless they relate to the map. If someone needs gold, they'll come to the lane and kill minions. (shrugs)
  17. TriggaNometry

    TriggaNometry Grangor

  18. mastemind05

    mastemind05 River Troll

    when facing all stealh player and tanker busy hiding in bush, jungler play with minion. laner stay on lane to get slaughter over and over. while asking "nEED VisioN" wo respond...

    thats how i lost when no one even bother to put scout mine or flashlight....


    even i as laner had to resolve for scoutmine myself...
  19. FaZeKestrel

    FaZeKestrel Grangor

    Tbh if you're my roam and there's not at least 1 scout trap near the tri bush and we end up getting gangbanged there you will get flamed.

    The scout doesn't even need to be in the bush, just somewhere where we can see enemies moving into it.

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