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Let's give every hero a 4th ability like League of Legends on 5v5 release.

Discussion in 'General' started by LamCaoVu, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. LamCaoVu

    LamCaoVu River Troll

    Since 5v5 is just around the corner, I want to spend some time giving 4th abilities ideas to SEMC. Please give your abilities ideas here too if you have some or even better names for my abilities. Note that everything is just my suggestions and not what I force SEMC to do. They will sure to come up with better balancing than my "balancing". Thanks.
    Adagio: Doppleganger: Adagio summons a phantom of the selected ally hero to fight with him for a period of time (essentially you'll have a transparent hero bot fighting with you for a short period of time) (Suggested CD: 90-75-60)
    Ardan: Arm Cannon: Ardan will transform his right hand into a cannon for a short period of time (4-5s) (it's sorta like Gipsy Danger's Arm Cannons from Pacific Rim), dealing ranged basic attacks. These attacks will also silence the target for a brief moment (0,25-0,5s) (Suggested CD: 60-60-50)
    Alpha: Arc Slam: similar to Ardan in silencing enemies but instead of transforming his arm into a cannon, Alpha flies toward and slams her sword at a targeted area to do exactly the same thing. Core Charge cooldown will also be reset upon using this ability (Suggested CD: 14-12-10)
    Baptiste: Hell's Legion: Baptiste summons 3 dark knight to fight with him for a period of time. These knights will deal both WP and CP damage and their damage can be increased with your WP/CP. This ability if used before using Fearsome Shadow will increase Fearsome Shadow's damage and range (Suggested CD: 90-75-60)
    Baron: Rocket Charge: Baron starts up his rocket and flies toward a chosen direction, pinning any hero in his path, dealing damage, knocking back and stunning them. Both WP and CP will reduce the repup time and increase the damage. WP will increase the stun duration while CP will increase the range of it. Jump Jets will also reset this ability cooldown. Walls, structures and the Kraken will stop him in his track. Any enemy knocked into a barrier will be stunned longer and receive extra damage (Suggested CD: 22-17-12)
    Blackfeather: Sleight of Hand: Blackfeather dashes toward an enemy, perform a basic attack that will apply Mortal Wound effect and give Blackfeather some Gold (1 gold for every 10 damage he deals). Suggested CD (10-10-8)
    Catherine: Ultimatum: Catherine activates her Stormguard and becomes invulnerable for a short period of time. This Stormguard will have massive increased reflected (tripled or quadrupled) damage will be increased and will reflect all sorts of damage. After that Catherine will quickly lose all of her health (unless somebody heals her or she activates Fountain). (Suggested CD: 120-105-90)
    Celeste: Sunburn: Celeste forms a big sun at the target location, burning all enemies standing inside it for a period of time. When the ability is over, the sun will explode, dealing massive damage and knock back all enemies. (Suggested CD: 100-90-75)
    Churnwalker: Realmwalker: Churnwalker becomes invulnarable to damage and gains increased movement speed for a brief period of time. During this time he won't be able to deal any damage. This ability will have 2 charges (Suggested CD: 10-10-10)
    Fortress: Full Moon: Fortress transforms into a werewolf, dealing increased damage from all sources for a duration of time. His attack, movement speed and A range is also increased (Suggested CD: 75-70-60)
    Flicker: Fairy Mist: Flicker forms a fairy dust cloud at the target location, healing and making all allies standing it invisible to enemies. Allies standing in the cloud can still attack enemies. (Suggested CD: 10-10-8)
    Glaive: Vamparism: Glaive rocket boosts to the target, sucking blood out of that hero and heals himself. (Suggested CD: 60-60-60)
    Grace: Paladin's Bulwark: Grace slams her mace down the ground, creating a shockwave that will damage enemies in it and give herself and allies in the shockwave full Holy Shields. (Suggested CD: 35-30-25)
    Grumpjaw: Glooey: Grumpjaw spits out a radioactive barrel at a target location, creating a radioactive pool. Anyone standing in the pool will have their max health reduced and will only recover from this damage when returned to home base. Every barrel he spits out will give him 1 stack of Nuke Teeth, making his basic attacks and A, B abilities reduce 0,1% of the target's max health. Max 999 stacks. (Suggested CD: 8-8-6)
    Gwen: Death Blossom: Gwen spins and shoots her guns around her, dealing basic attacks damage and Buckshot Bonanza damage. She will move slower during this ability. If her heroic perk is active before using this ability all of here basic attacks will be empowered. (Suggested CD: 60-55-50)
    Idris: Into the Churn: Idris calls upon the Churn, gaining a surge of Churn energy, becoming periodically immune to damage and move faster. (Suggested CD: 40-35-30)
    Joule : Energy Siphon: Joule fires an energy beam at an enemy, dealing damage and transform a small portion of that damage into fortified health. (Suggested CD: 20-18-15)
    Kestrel: Now You See Me, Now You Don't: Kestrel becomes periodically invisible, pulling a knife out and have increased movement speed. The next basic attack she will deal extra damage based on the target's missing health. (essentially SAW's Roadie Run with flickering Active Camo). (Suggested CD: 20-16-12)
    Krul: Hellrazor: Krul pulls out the Hellrazor and splits it in half, holding each in one hand. After that, his basic attacks damage, speed will be increased, his B damage also increased and his basic attacks will apply 2 stacks of Weakness but he will slowly lose his health during the ability duration.
    Lance: Crusader's Shield: Lance activates a giant barrier in front of him, absorbing incoming damage to himself and ranged attacks damage that pass through the shield. This shield has no cooldown but it will have health and only can be reactivated when its health is 25% and above (there will be a small meter next to the ability icon and under Lance's health bar).
    Lorelai: Fish Food: Lorelai summons her pet shark to swallow a target enemy then release them at another location after a period of time. (Grumpjaw's ult with a twist)
    Lyra: Sacrificial Revival: Lyra sacrifices her life to revive a dead teammate to full health with invulnerability for 3 seconds. This ability can only be used when the teammate is only dead for less than 10s.
    Ozo: Vortex Ring: Ozo spins his ring to create a tornado at a chosen direction, pinning and stunning all enemies stuck in its path (just similar to Baron's Rocket Charge but with more damage and damage over time). (Suggested CD: 75-75-60)
    -Phinn: Body Boulder: Phinn rolls in a chosen direction, stunning and dealing damage to any enemy caught in his path. (Suggested CD: 15-15-10)
    -Petal: Brambleboom Parasite: Petal jumps to an enemy hero, infect that hero with a parasite. This parasite will drain the target's health. After dealing a certain amount of damage 3 munions will come out of the target hero. (Suggested CD: 50-50-50)
    Rona: Bloodfest: Rona performs a crit basic attack with extra damage based on the target's missing health. If the target is killed, 75% of the damage will be transform into healimg for Rona, if not, that number will go down to 25%. (Suggested CD: 55-50-40)
    Ringo: Deadeye: Ringo locks on to all heroes in his basic attack range, dealing 1 crit basic attack with extra damage based on enemy's missing health on each hero. (Suggested CD: 100-90-80)
    Reza: Raising Hell: Reza slams down his magic stones, creating a massive fire wave in a chosen direction, dealing massive burst damage to all enemies caught in its track. After that the location will still be burning, dealing additional damage over time. (Suggested cooldown: 120-100-80)
    -Reim: Cryogenic Rehabilitation: Reim freezes himself in an ice cube, taking reduced damage and quickly regenerate a huge percentage of his health
    -Samuel: Synical Revival: (only activatable upon death) Samuel sucks the soul out of an enemy hero, controlling that hero to fight against their team for a short period of time. After that the target will be stunned. (Suggested CD: 150-120-90)
    -SAW: Shock and Awe: SAW loads specialist rounds (AP-HE-Inc) in his gun, increasing the effectiveness of his basic attacks, B and C abilities. For basic attacks, AP rounds will have light armor pierce and extra range, HE rounds will deal its damage in a small AOE and Inc rounds will burn enemies for a percentage of his CP. For his B and C, all of the 3 buffs mentioned will be applied. (Suggested CD: 150-135-120)
    -Skaarf: Diesel Death: Skaarf spits out a ball of oil thats sticks to an enemy hero, slowing him/her down. If the ball is ignited, it will explode, dealing AOE damage and burn enemies caught in the AOE. (Suggested CD: 20-15-10)
    -Skye: Cluster Missile: Skye fires a missile at a target location that will explode upon impact, dealing AOE damage then it will leave a pool of exploding mini missiles that will further deal damage. 2 charges. (Suggested CD: 10-8-6)
    Vox: Sound Barrier: Vox emits a massive soundwave, giving himself and nearby allies full but fast decaying health barrier and knock back all enemies. (Suggested CD: 70-60-50).
    Thanks for reading to the end of the thread. Please leave your comments down below here so that we can make Vainglory better.
    P/s: holy crap it took me 4 days to come up with the ideas and write the thread. Hope that it's worth the time
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  2. HiHi

    HiHi River Troll

    Why not make TPS view exclusive content for 5v5 maybe like Paragon and Smite?
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2017
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  3. Dachigenius

    Dachigenius Technologist

    Taka : A for effort buddy
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  4. IWantBreakfast

    IWantBreakfast Grangor

    Some of these 4th abilities sound ridiculous
    Also I would like to try how 3 abilities goes for 5v5
  5. DarkHydra2002

    DarkHydra2002 Stormguard

    Why don’t we also make 10 item slots, 10 heroes, 20 turrets, and 4 vain crystals...
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  6. LamCaoVu

    LamCaoVu River Troll

    Oh crap did I forget some heroes?
  7. LamCaoVu

    LamCaoVu River Troll

    Uh I want to make some of them like new ults, some are just another abilities so that you can combo with your previous abilities
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  8. LamCaoVu

    LamCaoVu River Troll

    Hey I don't want to swear here but stop being a . I only ask for a 4th ability not anything else. As I've already said this is just my ideas for SEMC to consider and maybe they will come up with different ones
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  9. LamCaoVu

    LamCaoVu River Troll

    Update down here:
    -Taka: Shadow (hey maybe SEMC can translate this into Japanese like his skill. I'll just leave the English name here): Taka creates 3 clones of himself to go and attack enemies for a period of time. (Suggested CD: 120-100-80)
    Koshka (for her I don't have idea for now so help me out will you?)
  10. Xelioz

    Xelioz Stormguard

    To hard to balance, I mean SEMC has already this much time waste with 5v5 design itself, I bet they got no time to make over 30 new abilities
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  11. razerx100

    razerx100 Mageborn

    Vainglory heroes already have 4th ability. It's called perk
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  12. cwilfried

    cwilfried Gythian

    They need to fix what's already existing. A 4th ability will delay this.
  13. redson

    redson Grangor

    I already made a similar post asking for the addition of talents like in DotA and since we already use talents for brawl, we could tweak those to fit into 5v5.
  14. Modafar

    Modafar Elder

    I thought talents were their way of testing ability tweaks for 5v5
  15. Colton

    Colton Technologist

    The reason we don't have a 4th ability is because it's more streamlined and easier to control on mobile. Number of heroes has nothing to do with number of abilities. You could argue, that because 5v5 has more inherent strategy you actually need less ability and hero complexity for it to be skillful.

    So no, no chance of this. Great effort though fr
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  16. Ayoki

    Ayoki Technologist


    We will see a 4th ability. Have you seen vg in the past. SO MUCH GAMEPLAY CHANGES TO "make game more fun"
  17. Saint7502

    Saint7502 Undead

    The world could always use more League of Legends duplicates
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  18. Magmaw

    Magmaw Technologist

    This is a nice thought, but I see two main obstacles with this. The first is that mobile has less room on their screen. Adding another ability makes the screen more cluttered. Not impossible to work with, mind you, but some people might really need all the vision on the map that they can get. So basically what @Colton said. My primary issue is actually that i don't want to have to learn 2 styles of a hero for 2 modes. 3 abilities in 3v3, and a 4th just for 5v5? Or do we add 4th active abilities for everyone on all game modes? I would not be entirely opposed to the latter, though I would worry that SEMC might run another gauntlet of less than ideal balance changes.
  19. TheNotSoPro

    TheNotSoPro Meekos

    Just love how half of these are just copy paste overwatch Ults...
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  20. Hoomee

    Hoomee Carnie

    Ikr. And it took him “4 days” lol. I love how he’s even acting like he created them. Not only that but they don’t make sense gameplay-wise too.


    Should I go on?
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2017
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