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World championship question

Discussion in 'General' started by superbobcat, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. superbobcat

    superbobcat Carnie

    One question
    Did Tribe know that they will get a free pass to the world championship from semc. Also if TSM were to lose to tribe then would they have gotten the free pass.
  2. Trophallaxia

    Trophallaxia Stormguard

    I'm not sure about this, but maybe TSM knew they were going to world's anyway as the former finalist and the winner of the run the Gauntlet champion of champions, because FlashX said in post match interview that they were happy to have won their spot by themselves and not thanks to some arbitrary decision.
    Maybe they knew and that slipped or they were really confident that they would have the wildcard even without official information.
  3. nemesisx

    nemesisx Elder

    1.They don’t know beforehand.

    2.SEMC is pretty transparent about this wildcard selection, showing how they compare Rogue and Tribe throughout the entire year. Using the same criteria, TSM will get the spot even if they lose (number 1 VG8 for many seasons + good live championship finishes)
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  4. Colton

    Colton Technologist

    Very true. Still. Rogue as of now is the better team. But I see why SEMC went for history in stead of this recent break out rouge has had.

    Rouge has been playing so nicely recently, I have to feel bad. They had a real shot at winning If ace didn't bring there A game and cloud9 continues to be inconsistent.
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  5. Xhaos

    Xhaos Technologist

    and their logo is the best :'(
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  6. Skieblu

    Skieblu Technologist

  7. Colton

    Colton Technologist

  8. PhinnOPz

    PhinnOPz Stormguard

    You know, I kinda really wish Tribe would have won this season just so I wouldn't have such conflicted feelings about the (in my opinion) bullshit wild card selection. I would have had no problem with TSM getting the wild card spot (even if that meant 3 NA teams at worlds vs just 1 EU team) since TSM's significantly better performance over SK in VG8 would have more than justified that decision in my eyes. Still wondering where / when they announced their "predisposed" decision to give the wild card spot to an NA team regardless of their performance. C9 earned it, not NA.

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