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A really annoying bug.

Discussion in 'Bug Reports & Help' started by Airalin, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. Airalin

    Airalin Stormguard

    Well so I was ardan. Ranked match.
    Everything is going fine, there are lag spikes every 2 minutes or so for like 2-3 secs but that's manageable.
    Suddenly everyone stops, I can move but then EVERYTHING freezes and iam kicked out of the game and then showed the VS screen again. Thankfully I was in my base when it happened, but then it happened again. Same match.
    Even before this match, when I was ranking as lance, the same exact thing happened.
    Everything froze, after about a second I was shown the connecting. . . Screen and then I was back in the game.
    Also right now I experienced something weird.
    It showed that I had played 4 heroes out of 5 for my chest. Flicker, saw, alpha, ardan.
    So I queued into a blitz, picked kestrel.
    I lost that match and came to collect my rewards but it still showed me 4/5 heroes.
    Has it always been like this? I don't really remember having to win, but idk.
    @VideoVillain the first bug is quite impactful and tho it didn't happen to me in a teamfight, I can see myself rage quitting bc of it. Got any solutions?
    Edit: also, black screen.
  2. Pigstuffs

    Pigstuffs Elder

    You didn't get the chest because the match hadn't been recorded. You didn't get any post match spoils did you?
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  3. Airalin

    Airalin Stormguard

    Yus I just got the chest after starting and closing and restarting VG until I somehow managed to get rid of the black screen.
    GG VG
  4. DarkHydra2002

    DarkHydra2002 Stormguard

    N A N I ? Hmmm wifi connection was fine and everything?
  5. DrippyDub

    DrippyDub Gythian

    But blacc screen iz worst :mad:
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  6. VideoVillain

    VideoVillain Vainglory Developer Super Evil Megacorp

    Yeah, that is all classic signs of lost packets and latency. Even the time it took to get the 5 hero chest.

    We are working on lag currently. But are you still having this issue @Airalin ?
  7. Airalin

    Airalin Stormguard

    Well it didn't happen today in the one ranked match and a couple of blitz I played, so that's good.
    I'll play some casuals tonight and see if it occurs again.
    Also is there anything I can do from my end to improv the connection?
    Does restarting the router help in any way?
  8. VideoVillain

    VideoVillain Vainglory Developer Super Evil Megacorp

    Absolutely it can help! check here for lots of tips to help out
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  9. TwipVG

    TwipVG Elder

    Black screen is kkilling me

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