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Balance Changes for 2.11 (no numbers and just what I remember)

Discussion in 'General' started by UndeadDeity, Dec 2, 2017.

  1. UndeadDeity

    UndeadDeity Carnie

    Alpha: Reboot time for ult increased, and cp ratio on a decreased (Pretty substantial nerf to cp alpha) (There's other things but I forgot)
    Ardan: Nerf to his perk and no more double gauntlet with echo
    Baron: Cp ratio on a decreased and higher cooldown on ult
    Blackfeather: Lower barrier on his b
    Celeste: Lower cp ratio on supernova
    Grace: Holy shield damage reduction increased (There's other things but I forgot)
    Idris: Increased amplification on a (There's other things but I forgot)
    Joule: cp ratio on b and c increased
    Koshka: Damage increased on a, higher cp ratio on b
    Krul: Lower damage on smite
    Lorelai: (Tons of balance changes, nerfs to carry lorelai, buffs to captain. This is all I remember): Increased cooldown on A, nerf to b, Barrier reduced on c and other things (There's other things but I forgot)
    Lyra: Burst heal nerfed and increased cp ratio on the last attack of principal arcanum
    Reim: (This is just what I heard) More cp on frostguard, bigger fortified health and other things (Reim got a huge buff, I didn't hear any nerfs) (There's other things but I forgot)
    Ringo: Wp ratio increased and range increased
    Rona: Wp ratio on ult decreased and decreased fortified health (There's other things but I forgot)
    Samuel: Increased cp ratio on a and empowered a. On overdrive, his b ability does not move faster and travel farther (I'm 80% sure)
    SAW: Lower damage on b ability (There's other things but I forgot)
    Skye: Increased wp ratio on A ability
    Vox: Increased cp ratio on perk and something with pulse

    Shiversteel: Gives attack speed now and the price is changed to 1900 or 1950.

    This is all I remember from FlashX's stream, I definitely missed some things.
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2017
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  2. CPKestrelOTP

    CPKestrelOTP Elder

    Where's my CP Kestrel buff? SEMC you useless piece of greatness that I really admire.

    Why did Alpha even get touched? She doesn't see play since Reim and Krul are a thing.

    Everything else looks alright besides the few unneccesary nerf/buffs on Celeste, Rona and Ardan. ~~No Lyra nerfs? WOWSEMC so god damn uselss~~ < Lyra did get nerfed, lower burst heal and move speed .Sorry folks.

    HEY EVERYONE if you're EU and tier10 lets engage in activities which get our accounts banned...
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 2, 2017
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  3. DeadEyeDirtyEldy

    DeadEyeDirtyEldy Stormguard

    No glaive's changes?
  4. UndeadDeity

    UndeadDeity Carnie

    Im srry guys, I might have missed a couple of things
  5. Dachigenius

    Dachigenius Technologist

    What do they mean no double gauntlet???!!! I WANT MY VENN’S DIAGRAMS OR RITO!!!!
  6. doogeee

    doogeee Elder

    Oh no my carry lorelai dreams...... I can't.....this means riot.....
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  7. Magmaw

    Magmaw Technologist

    Salt mine is that way. ->

    Trolling isn't cool either bro.
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  8. UndeadDeity

    UndeadDeity Carnie

    When one gauntlet is placed down, you can't place another gauntlet (echo) or else the first one disappears. This is similar to echo on fortress' ult.
  9. Ultron17

    Ultron17 Stormguard

    I think instead of removing double gauntlet they should let fortress to be able to cast double ult, it will make him better
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  10. Xaldarian

    Xaldarian Stormguard

    Lorelai nerfed into oblivion or okay?
  11. PhinnOPz

    PhinnOPz Stormguard

    Rona buff okay
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  12. Guest_78

    Guest_78 Stormguard

    Rip ardan.
  13. UndeadDeity

    UndeadDeity Carnie

    Oops srry guys rona had a nerf, her wp ratio on ult has been decreased.
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  14. PhinnOPz

    PhinnOPz Stormguard

    I hope there's something to compensate that (likely) heavy nerf on her ult. Maybe a 135% CP ratio on her basics :)
  15. UndeadDeity

    UndeadDeity Carnie

    She might be ok, she's did take a hit. Her cp ratios on all of her abilities have been reduced while the health ratios have been increased.
  16. RoyalSerperior

    RoyalSerperior Mageborn

    Nuh because I can't have six dire wolves with Fortress :mad:
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  17. Arza

    Arza Stormguard

    grace buffed? is that necessary?

    and koshka, she's powerful without atkspeed bug (2.09)... what if she become sleeper op?
  18. doogeee

    doogeee Elder

    why health ratios though? they should realise lorelai is a ing back liner and not a front liner this is exaclty what they did to lyra nerf her to oblivion and realise they're wrong again. i guess well have to see but i hate that they nerf her CP ratios, cooldown in abilities is okay but why the CP ratios. or maybe im just biased hahahaahahha...
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  19. NerfElfPls

    NerfElfPls Technologist

    They should increase the CD on BF's B as well.

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