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Celeste Skinn Concepptt Again

Discussion in 'Fan Creations and Vainglory Lore' started by Alumniknight, Dec 3, 2017.

  1. Alumniknight

    Alumniknight Gythian

    Hello made this new skin conceptmfor celeste tho... not sure what to call it yet. its for the valentines feburuary!!

    i didnt put much effort to this drawing tho
    hope you guys like it final new.jpg finaleee.jpg

    tried to make a splashart but i got lazy and that what heppens
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  2. pilebuster

    pilebuster Technologist

    Is it weird that I like outline sketch better?
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  3. NekoFury

    NekoFury Gythian

    This would be great
  4. Alumniknight

    Alumniknight Gythian

    nope it really is better than the otheeone
  5. pilebuster

    pilebuster Technologist

    The skin reminds me of Gardiviour
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