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Learning About Esports

Discussion in 'Esports, Tournaments and Events' started by OmegaZEV, Dec 3, 2017.

  1. OmegaZEV

    OmegaZEV Minion

    Hey guys I just got into vainglory Esports and would like any information about teams, regions, players, etc. Any information would be nice to get more into it. Thanks
  2. dragoncrusher

    dragoncrusher Grangor

    Teams of vainglory pro teams play in something call vg8 which is the same for league of legends lcs but for vainglory its call vg8. The challenger teams plays in vis and other tournoment through vainglory.
  3. Revinous

    Revinous Stormguard

    Go to vgpro.gg and look under "Teams" portion of website and you will be able to see the teams for VG8.

    You can also just search vainglory eSports, there was a wiki some time back.

    Also it's VG8 > Challengers > Some tournaments for lower tiers.

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