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2.11 is cool

Discussion in 'General' started by Bumblesnuff, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. Bumblesnuff

    Bumblesnuff Grangor

    After 3 years my game finally re-downloaded, and so far I've played 2 matches of Onslaught, and I'm Loving it? I thought I'd hate it honestly, since talents seemed really ptw in that mode, but it's fun even at the fourth round where everyone's equal-ish. Everything moves so fast there's not a lot of time to think about your decisions, and you're swept up by it. I'm glad we have more than like 15 seconds to choose stuff; I think that's what I was most worried about for this one.

    And, the winter map is super pretty! I've never played on any map other than the regular one, and I was kind of blown away by it? It's just so great!

    Screenshot_2017-12-05-18-08-38_kindlephoto-4868092.png Screenshot_2017-12-05-18-10-02_kindlephoto-4834123.png
    they have... sweaters... I'm living for this.

    and look how cute right base is!
    Screenshot_2017-12-05-18-04-57_kindlephoto-4965452.png Screenshot_2017-12-05-18-07-34_kindlephoto-4892784.png

    Also I just got 10 ICE for completing a basic quest chest labeled "play a battle royal match". I love SEMC and every decision they've made lul
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  2. Ayoki

    Ayoki Technologist

    Enjoying the black winter map right now
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  3. Trophallaxia

    Trophallaxia Stormguard

    If not being able to get into a match 8 out of 10 time is cool, then it's cool indeed :Cyclops
  4. Ve3nNo0wM

    Ve3nNo0wM Gythian

    I like onslaught as well. It's fun.

    The map is also very cool.
  5. Syrex90

    Syrex90 Meekos

    And i just played 8 or 10 blitz games , one win. Also fact - i was playing 6 games with the same peolpe. My score till today was 2000+ and i have never lost sooooo many games and played with the same peolpe so many repeats. What wrong with this update machmaker , or with me?oO i was ok till today:(.....why my enemies became after this update so strong ,or me ..too weak:Bawling...i am so so sad about that(no), but even with the part of sarcasm , this is true :Panda
  6. Bumblesnuff

    Bumblesnuff Grangor

    idk, it always takes a while to get used to new heroes and changes, and maybe you do suck, again idk. Or maybe you're unlucky, or maybe your teammates suck. Losing streaks happen man, don't blame the update unless you're constantly getting killed by the same hero, even playing different heroes that you KNOW you're good at. Then you can go around saying "update suxs waa".
  7. Shrewd

    Shrewd Carnie

    Idk so far for me it's been you either steam roll or get steam rolled
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  8. Bumblesnuff

    Bumblesnuff Grangor

    t h a t s t h e b e s t p a r t
  9. Kampfgeist

    Kampfgeist Stormguard

    Simple answer.
    A new gamemode + ranked resett is a reason why Blitz is less played ATM. And as less people play Blitz, as more inaccurate becomes the matchmaker.

    And with less players it is no surprise that you face more often the same players.
  10. PopcornOne

    PopcornOne Stormguard

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  11. pile of ash

    pile of ash Stormguard

    So they came up with last year winter map?
  12. NerfElfPls

    NerfElfPls Technologist

    Vainglory in a nutshell.
  13. HiHi

    HiHi Grangor

    Is it only me? But this new camera view is awesome too
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