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Samuel is the lag

Discussion in 'General' started by Gatorrex, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. Gatorrex

    Gatorrex Undead

    I tried using him in solo practice and it lags everytime i use any of his skills, even the basic attack from his perk makes me lag.
    drifting_dark.exe is back
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  2. pile of ash

    pile of ash Stormguard

    Muhuahahahah noice!!
    Sam is so fun
    Our beloved edgelord
    Even smec can't contain his emotion
  3. slashingwinds

    slashingwinds Mageborn

    2.11 Nerfs
    We felt our old framerate was too stable and reliable. Now, after a few patches, we’ve found a way to drop frames not only on lower end devices, but the newer ones as well.

    What’s kind of funny is they took away double guantlet to IMPROVE our performance...
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  4. Gatorrex

    Gatorrex Undead

    And you still can have 3 drifting darks with cw and echo...
  5. Trophallaxia

    Trophallaxia Stormguard

    Nerfing a hero to avoid confusion and improve performance is the most unbelievable reason for a nerf they pulled out so far.
    More likely that's what they wanted to do from the beginning but couldn't or they just did not think about that, found it too OP even after nerfs and echo tweak.
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  6. A A Ron

    A A Ron River Troll

    Idk why but when I first saw the video Drfiting dark.exe I burst out laughing because of the audio difference. I can’t find the video anymore though
  7. Gatorrex

    Gatorrex Undead

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  8. Airalin

    Airalin Stormguard

    This is never getting old.

    MACBLAZE Minion

    They also said it was not healthy because playing heroes like skye reza etc felt really bad against double gauntlet and you can only reflex block once
  10. LamCaoVu

    LamCaoVu Grangor

    Cuz he's in the matrix man

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