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Last 3v3 King Of The Hill?

Discussion in 'Esports, Tournaments and Events' started by LittleOldLady, Dec 15, 2017.

  1. LittleOldLady

    LittleOldLady Carnie

    THE ULTIMATE SCRIM! How long can you stay in?
    If you have a team/friends but lack scrim partners, why not give this a shot? Come along each Friday and challenge a team
    or maybe sign up to be challenged!
    King Of The Hill B01 matches held Friday's (Times TBD)​


    Contact Discord KerisaH#0807 if you have a team/friends that you would like to participate.

    Last edited: Jan 26, 2018
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  2. Harlekin

    Harlekin Gythian

    I wish i had a team
  3. crazymurter

    crazymurter Minion

    i want to take part with my team.i have sent you a personal message please read
  4. LittleOldLady

    LittleOldLady Carnie

    Last week we had some pretty fun games with VG8 team SpaceStation Gaming taking the King Of The Hill Spot!

    Do you have a team OR a group of friends? Do you think you have what it takes to beat experienced players and teams to take the spot at the top of the hill?
    This Friday 22nd Dec
    Register your team: Contact Discord: KerisaH#0807
  5. LittleOldLady

    LittleOldLady Carnie

  6. Lightbearer

    Lightbearer Carnie

    Eu is troll central even if I did want to compete theres never any players who want to win alongside with
  7. LittleOldLady

    LittleOldLady Carnie

    Even if that was the case, I haven't allowed a troll in yet :)
  8. LittleOldLady

    LittleOldLady Carnie

    What am I hearing? So VG8 team @SpacestationGG says they can beat all the teams even playing off role?
    Do you believe it? Come check out if they can do it tomorrow night!
    Schedule out tomorrow >> @KerisaH_VG
  9. Akasha

    Akasha Elder

    Wolves for VG8
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  10. LittleOldLady

    LittleOldLady Carnie

    Already Friday huh? Another night for EU teams to battle it out!
    Noob Cooporation, the only team to take a game off of @wolves_esports, so was it fatigue, luck, or pure skill? REMATCH!!!!

  11. LittleOldLady

    LittleOldLady Carnie

    This week sees possibly the last 3v3 King Of The Hill, not to worry. Sign up now for our 5v5 Golden Ticket access ‘King Of The Hill: Guild Wars Edition:

    King Of The Hill
    Terms: goo.gl/FRo5s6
    Register: goo.gl/forms/47AyWR3W
    Schedule/Roster: goo.gl/6mJd55

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