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Discussion in 'Fan Creations and Vainglory Lore' started by LordDamon, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. LordDamon

    LordDamon Carnie

    Hello people, well ChumbaWamBanana told me, that I post this idea about a skin of Ringo, I would like you to give your opinions as it is an idea and as every idea can be "polished" from the facebook group "vainglory latinoamerica" almost everyone asked me I sent it to SEMC, apparently many Ringo fans like it. you who say? would it be worth creating it? Greetings and thanks for reading. LordDamon SA[​IMG]
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  2. Guest_78

    Guest_78 Stormguard

    I would love to see that in the game.
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  3. Dmanz28

    Dmanz28 Meekos

    I really like this concept art. It could be like Ringo’s ‘evil’ alter ego (not sure how that would fit into the lore). Building off this concept, the animation for his twirling silver (B) could be much like the Tier 3 Legend Ringo animation for it, only instead of fiery orange it could be black. His ult (C) could then be same animation but black fireball instead of orange/red.

    Only criticism with the concept art is the cross on his chest. It will most likely need to be removed since that symbolism extends a bit further than, I think, SEMC would be willing to endorse.
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