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What is this new skin blueprint *questionable thing*

Discussion in 'General' started by Trophallaxia, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. Trophallaxia

    Trophallaxia Stormguard

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  2. Nikhil21

    Nikhil21 Technologist

    There's a link to more details in there.
  3. Trophallaxia

    Trophallaxia Stormguard

    Have you opened it ? It leads to nothing.
  4. DarkHydra2002

    DarkHydra2002 Stormguard

    cards are refunded for full essence and if you had 33% of a skins worth of essence then you get the blueprint 4 free
  5. Nikhil21

    Nikhil21 Technologist

    Yeah here you go

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    • JAN 08, 2018
    Update 2.12 introduces a brand-new skins-crafting system to Vainglory, delivering on one of the most-requested game features after 5V5. The new system is simpler, far easier to use and focuses players on a hunt for a single desirable collectable: skin “blueprints.”

    Complete quests to find skin blueprints in your loot. Each skin has a unique blueprint.


    Unlock the skin by spending your single blueprint and the required Essence.


    Crafting costs vary based on the skin’s type. (Crafting a Rare skin requires the blueprint + 1000 Essence; crafting an Epic skin requires the blueprint + 2500 Essence; crafting a Legendary skin requires the blueprint + 5000 Essence.)


    That’s it!

    New and longtime players have consistently told us that the tiered, card-based skins system is too muddled, difficult to navigate and requires painfully repetitive behavior, like individually destroying hundreds of cards for Essence. In addition, the card system bogged down loot drops with undesirable commons and created UI clutter.

    The revamp unifies two largely disconnected systems, clearing up all the related confusion.

    In the new system, players can focus their attention on finding blueprints (one for each skin). Once the blueprint is discovered, all that’s needed is the Essence to finish crafting the skin. Essence is the same for all skins, so this common pool can be easily distributed however you want. And instead of scanning through a skin collection looking at “79/8” cards (lel) and doing a ton of mental math, you’ll know exactly where you stand at all times.

    If you find a skin blueprint you already have, it will automatically convert into a bunch of Essence you can use toward crafting any skin. If you find a blueprint for a skin you’re not interested in, you can always destroy that blueprint for Essence to put toward a different skin.

    To discover new blueprints, complete in-game quests. Every time you complete a quest, a blueprint might drop as chest loot.

    In Update 2.12, in-game quests are the primary way to acquire blueprints, but we’re looking to introduce more ways to get blueprints over time, whether that’s rewards systems or special offers or something entirely new.

    Do you have a skin in progress but won’t have time to finish it? We didn’t forget about you.

    • If the Essence value of the non-common cards you own for a skin is at least 33% of the Essence needed to craft the skin, we’ll gift you the blueprint for that skin automatically. (Basically, if you already have 33% of the progress for that skin, we’re giving you its blueprint when Update 2.12 launches.)
    • All existing cards in your library will be automatically destroyed for Essence at their full crafting value.
    • You will only be granted blueprints for skins currently craftable, but you will get Essence for all of the cards you had.
    • For any cards for uncraftable skins and for Limited Edition and Special Edition skins, cards will be destroyed at the highest Essence value.
    YumaRanken is hoping that in Update 2.12, she’ll get the Kandi Twirl Koshka (Legendary) blueprint. To get the “grandfathered” blueprint automatically, she needs cards worth at least 33% of the Essence required to craft the skin, which is 1,188 Essence.


    When YumaRanken looks at her Kandi Twirl Koshka (L) card collection today, she has a bunch of non-common cards worth 2,160 Essence, based on their crafting value. (Rares craft at 30 Essence; Epics craft at 120 Essence; Legendaries craft at 360 Essence.)

    That’s more than enough to get the Blueprint automatically!

    WHAT’D I GET?!

    If you want to check which blueprints you got when Update 2.12 hits, just head to your SKINS browser.

    If you’re interested in all the nitty-gritty numbers for the new skins system, keep an eye out for a more complete chart/breakdown being published by AdyEndrus separately prior to Update 2.12’s release.

    Wait … Did you just say you’re automatically destroying my card collection?!

    That’s correct. We’re removing all the cards from the game, and in doing so freeing up a ton of clutter and memory usage. But we recognize there are a lot of players who enjoyed collecting cards and admiring the card art. That’s why we are retaining the data of each player’s individual card collection. We intend for your personal card art library to return sometime in the future in a new, different form. It’s likely some ways away and it’s premature to talk about that right now, but we know how many of you feel and we’re all over this.

    Eliminating the three-tiered skins system necessitated breaking apart our existing tiered skins such as Catherine’s “Paragon” skin line. Now, instead of three different skins all named “Paragon Catherine” of different rarities, you’ll find “Queen’s Knight” Catherine, “Paragon” Catherine and “Serpent Mask” Catherine all individually listed in-game.

    While the tiers are gone, we’ve introduced new skin “themes” across heroes for you to collect, including an “Ice” theme (Glaive, Krul, Reim, Skaarf), a “Churn” theme (Phinn & Rona) and two additions to the “School Days” theme (Joule & Samuel, joining Taka, Lyra, Vox & Koshka).

    These themes are just to collect for fun; there’s no relationship you have to worry about for skin crafting. We’ll also take advantage of these skin themes to create sale bundles and special boxes.

    While the new system is cleaner and simpler, it also means targeting a specific skin to craft will be harder because of the randomness of blueprint loot. You can’t control which blueprint will drop, so if you have your heart set on a particular skin, you may want to more often purchase it with ICE.

    Because of this, we’re reducing prices for the vast majority of skins, so your premium purchases will go much further. Actual prices vary depending on the skin. This is an especially good option if you don’t want to take the time to craft a skin or must have one skin in particular.

    The contents of Rare and Epic Mystery Chests may also change over time as our systems evolve.

    Special Edition skins will not have blueprints in Update 2.12, although it’s possible this will change in the future. For now, the primary way to get Special Edition skins remains collecting and spending Opals and participating in special boxes and bundles.

    If you’re a Vainglory OG who has the original seven limited-edition skins, those are still sacred and will not be craftable. If you don’t have them already, there’s no way to get them.

    If you’re a Golden Tickeholder, you’ll be receiving the Limited Edition Golden Netherknight Lance skin in Update 2.12 as a gift. That LE skin is also not craftable in the new system.

    We’re confident this new skins-crafting system will be a better experience for new and dedicated players alike. Give it a try, and after you’ve used it enough to form an opinion, tell us what you think. With your help, we’ll refine and improve the system over time.
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  6. Lightjolly

    Lightjolly River Troll

    So Skins will be easier to get but hold less value, good tradeoff?
  7. Trophallaxia

    Trophallaxia Stormguard

  8. AAgha

    AAgha Elder

    Rip to who destroyed there se cards for that 6 essence.
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  9. razerx100

    razerx100 Mageborn

    I don't see how skins will be easier to get
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  10. SeventhLevel

    SeventhLevel Elder

    sounds awful
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  11. Wali

    Wali Elder

    They will be cheaper if purchased with real money.

    If you want to craft specific skins with Essence, you are screwed for good now.

    Edit: I am so disgusted right now.. but by now it's clear they will shove this RNG-shit down out throats no matter what we say, so whatever.
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  12. LegendaryE

    LegendaryE Stormguard

    mmmm are they going to destroy my legendary cards for 120 or 360 essence ?
    because iam very close to get legendary skins in my account , but if this system going to lower my existed cards essence then they ruining my plan !

    i hope they destroy the cards for the full essence , not the 33%
  13. DIMTI

    DIMTI Stormguard

    It is a full essence refund at craft cost for all cards, the 33% of the full set is for the free blueprints.
  14. Skieblu

    Skieblu Technologist

    You can take advantage of the 2.12 update by crafting only 33% of the cards needed for a skin so you can get the blueprint. Also, do not destroy any more of your cards so you get a full refund on the cards (6 essence for every common card is a lot).

    Unfortunately, it looks like you will have less control on the skins you want to get, but there is a high chance that they will add a chest that you can purchase for essence and a chance for a blueprint.

    From what I can tell, there will be much more emphasis on your essence since you have the only way to get essence after this update is by getting duplicate blueprints, which might be much harder to do unless if the blueprints are worth a large amount of essence.
  15. SeventhLevel

    SeventhLevel Elder

    Well I guess if you have a crap ton of glory you can buy a lot of cards. then keep them all and let them turn into %100 essence when new version drops. because who knows how fast essence will be collected in new version. it will probably be like "congrats you just played an awesome ranked match and won have 1 essence"
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  16. Vorpalv2

    Vorpalv2 Grangor

    Judging by the pictures. They are reducing New Legendary skins cost by 760 essence while increasing Epic cost by 340 and Rares by 100 along with 1 blueprint of that particular skin.
    I don't like this but we will see how this goes on, tbh I am at a point where I can't take anything for granted with SEMC future planning (or anything in general) they've f* up so much in these past months.
  17. Xhaos

    Xhaos Technologist

    Oh lord. The new UI is real. But I trust SEMC that they'll make it good. I fell in love with the UI when the game first came out- I hope they'll succeed again.

    (And I actually like the Blueprint system. Simplicity is good!)
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  18. Guest_78

    Guest_78 Stormguard

    Does anyone know how are we supposed to obtain essence in this new system? Because cards will no longer be a thing (rip 1 vs 1000) :(
  19. Wali

    Wali Elder

    At first, I thought the same thing. But how much of an advantage is that for legacy skins, with prices doubling across the board now?
    For the newer stand-alone skins, you might be able to save a bit of Essence on Legendaries.
    Yep.. not going to do you much good in the long run, but I sure wish I had not destroyed so many cards during the last month.
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  20. crimsonfox47

    crimsonfox47 Technologist

    Chest drops, probably.

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