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Most Over-Powered Hero of All Time

Discussion in 'General' started by I Main Blackfeather, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. I Main Blackfeather

    I Main Blackfeather Grangor

    With Varya being as op as she is, I think about all the op heroes I've heard about. Some come before me. It makes me wonder, who was the most op hero ever? There are so many candidates I don't think a poll would be best. I'm currently thinking of Kestrel, Joule, Brokenfeather, Ardan, Taka, Lyra, and others. Who is the most op hero of all time. Then think, what if we took that hero, gave him/her back those op stats/attributes and raised every other hero to that level. That would be so chaotic.

    (A little light to help with the immense amount of negativity right now).
  2. resynx

    resynx Stormguard

    The old CP Vox was insane. And I wasn't here for the earlier times (before VG hit Android), but I heard that Saw, Skaarf, and on release Taka were their own monsters back then.
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  3. AshuraSenku

    AshuraSenku Gythian

    CP Vox
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  4. mima

    mima Stormguard

    Burn, Baby, Burn Skaarf (1.4?)
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  5. DarkHydra2002

    DarkHydra2002 Stormguard

    Definitely Flicker
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  6. Alumniknight

    Alumniknight Stormguard

  7. pile of ash

    pile of ash Stormguard

    Old vox
    But skye is the one holding this title for a long time
  8. Zazukai

    Zazukai Gythian

    Top 10 Most Overpowered Anime Characters
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  9. resynx

    resynx Stormguard

    Next up: Top 10 Anime Betrayals
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  10. Arza

    Arza Stormguard

    i can only remember 3
    not counting bug, ofc (ardan)

    - vox fresh from oven
    - joule fresh from oven and joule 1hit laser team buster
    - full defense skaarf

    first 2 can decimate a team fast, the last is unkillabe and can 1v3
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2018
  11. Euphoric

    Euphoric Stormguard

    CP Vox with the barrier shit on release was insane and probably the most broken thing this game has seen. Honorable mention is Skye after her little rework and she still remains broken as hell after so many nerfs. She will just always be good because of her stupid mobility and damage where she literally does not have any trade offs. A good Skye has no counters, even Taka.
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  12. Kraziiboi96

    Kraziiboi96 Gythian

    I still remember the days of brokenfeather and his true damage execute on his A with the original BP. A true team destroyer.
  13. CptCounts

    CptCounts Gythian

  14. Zweepy

    Zweepy Grangor

    Not that hard to remember the present.
  15. Cfed

    Cfed Gythian

    This one really hurt because Adagio could do everything. Oh, my health is low? Let me fix that real quick. Teamfight? Let me pop my ultimate and either take everyone out or burn one of your Crucibles. His basic attack buff (B) was probably the worst though. It made lane hell to play, especially because Adagio had longest range in the game at the time (by like 1 I believe). Absolutely insane.

    CP Vox and defense+atk speed Skaarf sucked too. Honorable mention goes to poopstrat. Every hero was OP with warhorn.
  16. redson

    redson Grangor

    Skye and kestrel were op for the longest times. But I think borkenfeather was the most broken
  17. YandereCapybara

    YandereCapybara Grangor

    Lyra has been consistently nerfed for a while now.
    Although she's still quite good, I don't think she merits the title of "most OP".
  18. VainMaster017

    VainMaster017 Gythian


    BrokenFeather forever oml took ages to patch him.
  19. devo

    devo Carnie

    Lyra when she was first released(before hotfix) dealt crazy damage.
    Old vox ,one punch man ardan,old sky,brokenfeathet.
  20. DragonBuster

    DragonBuster Technologist

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