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Thank you to departing Community Management Team members

Discussion in 'Announcements & Status' started by mejlis, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. mejlis

    mejlis Community Admin Super Evil Megacorp

    As our community team continues to evolve, we would like to thank IonWar, VideoVillain, Kittens and KevinDavid for their many contributions to the company and to the Vainglory Community.

    Many thanks for your hard work and dedication. Your efforts have helped make the Vainglory Community what it is today, and we wish you the very best of luck in your future pursuits.

    We look forward to seeing you on the Rise.

    Mejlis & all of the SEMC team
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  2. DIMTI

    DIMTI Stormguard

    Wait VideoVillain is leaving? Now who will reliably respond to bug threads on here :(
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  3. NinjaBryden

    NinjaBryden Grangor

  4. Hazzabirchy

    Hazzabirchy Community Moderator

    Thankyou for all of the managers service.
    But a special thankyou to @VideoVillain who we have all had the pleasure of interacting with on the forums.
    Take a bow!
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  5. Xhaos

    Xhaos Technologist

  6. VideoVillain

    VideoVillain Undead

    Words can’t express the joy and excitement I’ve had working with the greatest people, the greatest company, and the greatest community! It has certainly been a fantastic ride and I’ve enjoyed every second of it!

    Thank you so much to all the wonderful moderators and helpful players here on the forums. It has been a pleasure being at your side and you all having my back! Never in my life have I been more proud and grateful to be a part of something. I have no regrets.

    Remember that everything evolves. Change is not just inevitable, it is necessary, so embrace it, don’t fear it. It’s how we all grow and become better than we were before.

    I will still be around, as I do love the community and Vainglory, so feel free to keep in touch both in-game and out!
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  7. pile of ash

    pile of ash Stormguard

    Is this for real?
  8. YandereCapybara

    YandereCapybara Grangor

    Petition to bring VideoVillain back?
    He was even better than the Indian tech support guy I called last night when my PC got a virus :,(
    VideoVillain didn't even charge me 50 bucks...
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  9. Vincitoria

    Vincitoria Vainglorian

    I'm gonna miss having you two around @IonWar and @VideoVillain . It was a joy to be in the comminity with you, super glad you're staying, around though VV!
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  10. LegendaryE

    LegendaryE Stormguard

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  11. Bayou

    Bayou Stormguard

    Thank you to all the community managers!!! @VideoVillain is awesome!!!
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  12. DragonBuster

    DragonBuster Technologist

    Any reason for the sudden departure? Our main man, Video Villain, is an essential part of the community and responded to requests for help fast with helpful info, The most responsive dev in forums.

    And I know IonWar, def helped out the Italian community, I hear they don't have anyone to help them with tournaments now?

    An explanation would be great...
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  13. Rayney

    Rayney River Troll

    @VideoVillain you will be missed. There are not many people who take such pride and dedication in their jobs like you have.
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  14. dragoncrusher

    dragoncrusher Grangor

    We need to pay them more money so they will stay guys
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  15. nanobots

    nanobots Technologist

    I only spoke with videovillian a few times, before he became a community manager, but he was always a calm voice of reason that I found incredibly trustworthy. As upsetting as it is to hear that you will no longer be working with SEMC in an official capacity, I'm glad you'll still be hanging around @VideoVillain !
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  16. SkrubSkaarf

    SkrubSkaarf Carnie

    because RIP forums, and SEMC is changing...
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  17. Xelioz

    Xelioz Stormguard

    Last edited: Jan 26, 2018

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