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Vainglory Anime Opening! Check it out!

Discussion in 'Fan Creations and Vainglory Lore' started by RightMaker, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. RightMaker

    RightMaker Meekos

    It's not really an anime opening...
    its like a cinematic trailer but the song
    is from naruto xD

    ,Have A Nice Day!
    enjoy watching
    thee shall not miss the Subscribe button.​
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  2. DarkHydra2002

    DarkHydra2002 Stormguard

    rip non-Japanese people
  3. Alumniknight

    Alumniknight Stormguard

    tis video contain bla bla bla from sony music entertaintment..
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  4. Rayney

    Rayney River Troll

    ...It is not available in your country
  5. Alumniknight

    Alumniknight Stormguard

    yah too bad
  6. RightMaker

    RightMaker Meekos

    Forgot to say its blocked in japan ;-: sorry
  7. BiggyFoot

    BiggyFoot Mageborn

    Where’s cory

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