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Best Posts in Thread: Forumer contact information thread

  1. Skieblu

    Skieblu Technologist

    With the forums closing soon, it would be a shame for all of us to lose contact, so I’m making this thread where forumers can share some information on ways to keep in touch after closing the forums
    If you can, provide the following:
    -IGN and region
    -Discord? If yes, username?
    -Reddit? If yes, username?
    -Other means of contact? (Twitch, YouTube, Twitter)
    -Group or guild where we can find you?

    I’ll start
    -Skieblu, NA
    -Yes, Skieblu#6701
    -Yes, /u/Skieblu
    -You can find me on twitch chats, but other than that, not really
    -I will most likely be in the superevil Mega forumers guild and discord and try to get involved in the Reddit.
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  2. Tiem

    Tiem Undead


    Where am I gonna troll I mean troll I mean post stuff????
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  3. IratePirate

    IratePirate Undead

    My number is 832-555-5555 ladies, hmu
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