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Forumer contact information thread

Discussion in 'General' started by Skieblu, Jan 22, 2018.

  1. Morphoox

    Morphoox Elder

    Morphoox - sea
    TensionShocked - sea
    Discord- Morphoox #9017
  2. Blue Draxel

    Blue Draxel Stormguard

    BlueDraxel SEA
    Got a lil discord - BlueDraxel #9030

    Gg guys.
  3. Commanderren

    Commanderren Stormguard

    CommanderRogue / SEA
    I dont have reddit because its a stupid community but i have discord
    Also I often online in steam

    IGN : CommanderOfPro
  4. Azilvl

    Azilvl Stormguard

  5. BiggyFoot

    BiggyFoot Mageborn

    Your avi matches
  6. Magmaw

    Magmaw Technologist

    -IGN and region - Magmaw, NA (my main account. I also have like, 8 smurfs? With accounts on EU, EA, and SEA)
    -Discord? Magmaw#7236 <-- really the best option.
    -Reddit? I hate reddit D:< (I have a dead reddit account, and an active one)
    -Other means of contact? sry, but i'm not sharing my email with you guys. You might see a "magmaw2" sitting on Twitch watching games, or a "Jon S" commenting at a youtube stream, but its a horrible place to try to contact me. More likely to find me at a replacement for the forums, cause Facebook is dum, Twitter is horrendous for the deep conversation, and Reddit is a hivemind.
    -Group or guild where we can find you? For the near future you will probably find me reliably in the SEMF guild, at least in their discord. I'm also lurking in Vainsocial's discord, and VainUnion (run by Little Old Lady).

    Idk who im hoping to see this... some old inactives I never saw outside the forum would be @Sekaii (I'm not as nub now, I swear!), @AnthonyVince (RIP), @crimsonfox47 (cause we never talk outside of ingame), @Jeremydreamer17 (gr8 dude), @Magnus0 (good discussions), @Mysteerious (I fully admit this is sort of a poke, I have you down somewhere on my discord but IDK where you went), @Skaarf (I have to, as a former Skaarf main), @Moalze (ded? ;-; ). There are others but I'm pretty sure you guys are still active here and wouldn't mind skipping an extra tag, or you slipped my mind... .-.
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  7. ApolloMars

    ApolloMars Stormguard

    ApolloMars -EU
    Discord- BestRoamerEU #8648
  8. DerpyJY

    DerpyJY Technologist

    IGN: DerpyOtaku, SEA ( I rarely open let alone play VG now)
    Reddit: DerpyJY
    Discord: DerpyJY#1522
    Steam: DerpyJY
    Pretty much any website I use the same name so meh.
    Currently play: Warframe, Maplestory, Battlerite, LoL, Path of Exile and Osu!
  9. Madness500

    Madness500 Stormguard

    Madness500, SEA
    No thanks lmao
  10. Rikikoo

    Rikikoo Mageborn

  11. DragonBuster

    DragonBuster Technologist

    Everyone who isn't already in SEMF(discord), join it so we can keep in touch and have a mass exodus if we move to another forum
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  12. DragonBuster

    DragonBuster Technologist

  13. SummerWizard

    SummerWizard Carnie

    SummerWizard EU
    No Reddit yet
    Twitter and Instagram @SummerWizard
    Guild: SummerKingdom
    Team: EZEW Team
    VK: vk.com/dartvlader
  14. Teajcof

    Teajcof Stormguard

    True identity revealed you are an ordinary carrot! :eek:
  15. Teajcof

    Teajcof Stormguard

  16. Sidss007

    Sidss007 Stormguard

    Server : SEA.
    IGN : Sidss007
    Reddit : Sidss007
    Twitter : Sidss007
    DC : Sidss007
    Line : Sidss007
    Gmail : Sidss007
    Twitch : Sidss007
    Mobcrush : Sidss007
    YouTube : Sidss007
  17. SpecialCarrot

    SpecialCarrot Stormguard

    NOOOOOOOOO! I'm not an ordinary carrot I swear. It's just my secret identity in game
  18. Geodoc

    Geodoc Meekos

    Server: SEA
    IGN: Geodoc
    Reddit: u/Geodoc03
  19. ANGERY

    ANGERY Gythian

    Ign Smolgrump
    Discord Smolgrump#3615
    Reddit u/Iputthefuninfun-eral
    SEA Server t8s hmu i lov jungling but if ur not terrible i'll roam for u sometimes
  20. razerx100

    razerx100 Mageborn

    IGN: razerx100 , Server: SEA
    Reddit: N/A
    Discord: razerx100#1893
    Facebook: facebook.com/razerx100
    Twitter: @saikat_axel

    I'm mostly active on Facebook and Discord. Twitter activity isn't much and also in game activity isn't much either atm.
    And I will add other people later.

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