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Compilation of all Patch Notes

Discussion in 'General' started by zeogau, Oct 13, 2015.

  1. zeogau

    zeogau Technologist

    Credit goes to @Hensgrëj for helping me organizing the link in a readable format.

    Added 2.12.

    I tried to find it but couldn't find...
    Let me know if this is a repost

    Update 1.1.0 is actually 1.0.14

    1.0.3: Let's Be Friends.
    1.0.4: All About You.
    1.0.5: Making Life Easier.
    1.0.6: A New Game Name & Big Milestones.
    1.0.7: Maintenance & More.
    1.0.8: Making Smarter Matches.
    1.0.9: Join Forces. Control Your Fate.
    1.0.10: Strength in Numbers.
    1.0.11: Surrender to the Mighty.
    1.0.12: Krul is Here!
    1.0.13: Enter the Academy.

    1.1.0: Joule & So Much More.
    1.1.1: Assists FTW!
    1.1.2: Taka Joins the Fold!
    1.1.3: Europe Joins the Fold!
    1.1.4: One Step Closer...
    1.1.5: Fire in the Fold.
    1.1.6: Japan and Korea on the Horizon.
    1.1.7: Ardan Update. Throw Down the Gauntlet!

    1.2: Celeste Update. Oh, My Stars!
    1.3: Vox Update. The Family Unites.
    1.4: The Skins Update. Three Tiers of Awesome.

    1.5: Fortress Update. Attack of the Pack!
    1.6: Rona Update. Axes & Card Packs.
    1.7: The 'Player Love' Patch.
    1.8: Skye Arrives!
    HotFix: Stormguard Banner and Turret Madness End.
    1.9: Phinn Update. The Seasons Turn.
    HotFix: Vox.
    1.10: Guild Rewards, Celeste Skin, and More.
    1.11: Blackfeather Update. Who's Got Next!
    1.12: Kestrel Update. Gift-Wrapped Just For You.
    HotFix 1.12: Petal's Perk and Skye's Suri Strike.
    1.13: Reim Update. Winter Chills.
    Undisclosed 1.13 Patch Notes by BrokenMyth.net
    Pre 1.14 Draft Mode Coming
    Pre 1.14 Winter Jungle Changes
    Pre 1.14 Ozo abilities reveal
    1.14: Lunar New Year Update. Year of the Monkey.
    Draft Phases explained.
    1.15: Shadows Empower Me.

    1.16: Spring Update / Alpha Update
    1.17: Battle Royale Update
    1.18: Lance Update. Quests Introduced.
    Pre 1.19 Summer Party Preview.
    Pre 1.19 Summer Preview.
    1.19: Lyra Update. Summer Beach Party. Sunlight Rewards.
    HotFix 1.19: Lyra, Ambient Gold, Bugs.
    1.20: Enter The Bots

    HotFix 1.20: Lance Changes Reverted.
    Pre 1.21: Samuel Ability Reveal.
    1.21: Samuel, a dark mage hero arrives.
    1.22: Baron, Opals, and Autumn season arrive.

    Pre 1.23: Gwen: Ability Reveal.
    Pre 1.23: Turrets Explained.
    1.23: Gwen blasts her way into autumn.
    HotFix 1.23: Nerfing Kestrel.
    Pre 1.24: Flicker Ability Reveal.
    Pre 1.24: Record, Stream, and Replay.
    1.24: Flicker Notes

    Pre 2.0: Mystery Chest
    Pre 2.0: Guild Revamp
    Pre 2.0: Four BIG news on 2.0 and 2017
    Pre 2.0: The Captain, Carry, and Jungler
    Pre 2.0: World's Keynote
    Pre 2.0: Idris Revealed
    2.0: Idris Out: Anything Can Happen
    Pre 2.1: BLITZ Beta
    Pre 2.1: Update Preview Video
    2.1: BLITZ Mode Beta
    Pre 2.2: GrumpJaw Reveal
    2.2: Grumpjaw NOM NOM
    2.3: Charms and Passes
    2.4: BAPTISTE will reap you souls
    2.5: Introducing TALENTS
    2.6: Paladin Grace and Communication
    2.7: Assassin Reza and Glory Refund!
    2.8: Autumn Comes. Spellsword and Healing Flask.
    2.9: Churnwalker, SpellFire, Dragon's Eye, and Crystal Item Rework.
    2.10: Lorelai. Make Enemies into Fish Pond.
    2.11: Varya, an electric Valkrie and ONSLAUGHT. Spotlights [ Varya, Onslaught ].
    Pre 2.12: Look Ahead!
    Pre 2.12: UI Revamp!
    Pre 2.12: Skin System Revamp! Blueprint!
    2.12: Early 5v5 Access.

    3.0: 5v5 !!!
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2018
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  2. what5k

    what5k Elder

    Awesome, now I don't have to scroll vainglorys news page. This should be stickied.
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  3. zeogau

    zeogau Technologist

    1.0.3 is as far as I can go
  4. zeogau

    zeogau Technologist

    Hyped for 1.10, those who seek previous patch notes can find them here.
  5. Hellstrike

    Hellstrike Stormguard

    The patch 1.1.0 is where the begining of the downfall of the Blue King, SAW. Hefty skills nerf follow by the increase price in CP items and farming efficiency cut (Suppressing Fire -40% damage on minions). Those were the days where 6 SG CP SAW roam the fold. This patch ended the blue era where everyone just built CP, and then bring forth the world of stutter stepping. :p
  6. mjs78

    mjs78 Stormguard

    Thank you, this has made my life so much easier. I would say sticky this thing.
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  7. zeogau

    zeogau Technologist

    updated for 1.11
  8. RageJune

    RageJune Grangor

    Dang, seems SEMC gave supports a big buff this update.
  9. zeogau

    zeogau Technologist

    going to be updated for 1.12, pretty soon..
  10. teufel

    teufel Technologist

    This is awesome! Didn't know someone had done this already. I started one over the thanksgiving break that I was going to finish over the holidays, guess I have more time for ingame roll stomping lol
  11. zeogau

    zeogau Technologist

    yeah.. i do it because because it's pretty hard to search for previous patch notes... so now everyone can look here and read the note from dark age
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  12. Vorv

    Vorv Mageborn

    Hyperlink the text plox
  13. DeadEyeDirtyEldy

    DeadEyeDirtyEldy Stormguard

    really help, thanks...
  14. zeogau

    zeogau Technologist

    Added 1.12
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  15. TheMightyTankFR

    TheMightyTankFR Technologist

    :)1.2 and 1.3 Best updates EVER Kreygasm
  16. Anni

    Anni Undead

    Mind highlighting Joule's update as well? You missed it.
  17. Rakehell

    Rakehell Stormguard

    Why are some words randomly colored?
  18. zeogau

    zeogau Technologist

  19. zeogau

    zeogau Technologist

    It is not random, I try to match with the color of their skills or their pictures.
  20. Rakehell

    Rakehell Stormguard


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