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[HCRS] Halcyon Rises is Recruiting (Active and Friendly) ** UPDATED - SUMMER 2017 **

Discussion in 'General' started by Ryoshin, Apr 2, 2016.

  1. Alexsthebest

    Alexsthebest River Troll

    Ign Alexsthebest
    Main Jungle
    Role Any
    Highest tier Sa gold
    Country- Australia
  2. dadan f amindani

    dadan f amindani Meekos

    IGN : dompil
    Main Heroes : adagio alpha ardan catherine ozo samuel and more (total heroes 23)
    Roles : anyrole
    Highest Skill Tier : tier 8 simply amazing
    Country : indonesia
  3. dadan f amindani

    dadan f amindani Meekos

    also send request to band HCRS
  4. AgressorX

    AgressorX River Troll

    IGN: ZERO13
    Main Heroes: Ringo,Glaive,vox,Blackfeather, fortress, alpha
    Role: Lane(Main), Jungle(Main), Roam(bad)
    Country: indonesia
    Highest ST: Currently T7 Gold
  5. Trafalgar D Law

    Trafalgar D Law River Troll

    Slot still open?
  6. Aqua

    Aqua Carnie

    IGN : Aquadarkness
    Main Heroes : adagio ardan catherine lance lyra phinn flicker
    Roles : Roam (if team needs ill play lane)
    Country : australia
    Can play 4-5 matches per day
  7. MoonWalk

    MoonWalk Meekos

    IGN : MoonWalkOO7
    Main Heroes : Vox, Glaive, Catherine, Ozo, Taka, Ardan
    Roles : Jungle, Rome(main)
    Highest Skill Tier : 5 (Spring 2017)
    Note : Play 3-7 times/day
  8. Helios

    Helios Meekos

    IGN : Helios000
    Mainheroes : vox,ringo,lance,ozo,glaive,gwen,adagio,taka,aalpha,ardan.
    Role : lane (main), junhle (normal), roam
    Country : Myanmar
    Can play 5-9 matches a day
    Highest tier : Tier 6 Silver
    Total heroes : 29
  9. SkyPirate

    SkyPirate Meekos

    IGN : four0four
    Main Heroes : Kestrel,Celeste,Ardan
    Roles : Comfortable with all roles i think.
    Highest Skill Tier : Tier 4 (Worthy Foe)
    Country : Bangladesh
    Discord : @skypirate#2364
    Note : I play regularly. Seeking to learn and rank up with help from better players . Will contribute and grow simultaneously. :)
  10. GladerRigved

    GladerRigved Meekos

    IGN : GladerRigved
    Main Heroes : Vox, Catherine, Blackfeather
    Roles :Lane/Roam
    Highest Skill Tier :T3 gold
    Country India
  11. $hadow

    $hadow Meekos

    IGN: Shad0wdoller

    Main Heroes : Alpha, Ardan, Blackfeather , Catherine, Celeste, Flicker, Fortress, Glaive, Idris, Joule, kestrel, ozo, Phinn, skaarf, vox, (total heros= 25)

    Roles: All three. No preference

    Country : India

    I am not amazing at any hero but I'm pretty good at all the mentioned heros. I am tired of soloQ and really need a team to rank up to face better opponents.
    Last edited: May 19, 2017
  12. MisterBaconn

    MisterBaconn Meekos

    Hey! Ryoshin is quite busy so I'll take his place replying to this thread.
    Accept my friend request: MisterBaconn
    Would love to see you in Halcyon Rises! :D
  13. MisterBaconn

    MisterBaconn Meekos

    Hey! Ryoshin is quite busy so I'll take his place replying to this thread.
    Please do accept my friend request. (MisterBaconn)
    Hope to see you in HCRS soon. :)
  14. MisterBaconn

    MisterBaconn Meekos

    Hey there! Accept my friend request and I will be happy to invite you to our guild. Hope to see you there soon! :)

    (also for everyone in this thread, there are 5 slots in the guild as of now.)
  15. MisterBaconn

    MisterBaconn Meekos

    Request sent! :D Accept and I will invite.
  16. MisterBaconn

    MisterBaconn Meekos

    Request sent! Accept and invite.
  17. xIgfritx

    xIgfritx Meekos

    IGN : xIgfritx
    Favorite Heroes : Phinn, Catherine & Blackfeather (Unlocked all heroes except for Baptiste)
    Roles : Jungle & Lane (Not good at Roaming)
    Highest Skill Tier : 4
    Country : Singapore
    Note : Casual player but focusing on rank games, will be active on Band for guild updates and stuff. Willing to learn and open minded on ideas from different players.
  18. ShadowRen

    ShadowRen Grangor

    IGN : ShadowRen
    Main Heroes : Blackfeather, Taka, Ardan, Lance, Koshka
    Roles : Jungle & Roam (Doubtful with Lane)
    Highest Skill Tier : 6 (currently 4)
    Country : Malaysia
    Note: Weak stutterstep and timing, may lag if not using data.

    ROFLMAO Meekos

    IGN : Eros27
    Main Heroes : Taka, kestrel, lance, koshka, Catherine
    Roles : jungle (main), can play captain or laner if my team needs one
    Country :indonesia
    Highest rank : tier 4 as of right now
    Note : can play 3-5 matches a day 2-4 on weekdays
    Last edited: May 27, 2017
  20. nancabs

    nancabs Minion

    IGN : Nancabs
    Main Heroes : Ozo / Reim / Alpha
    Roles : Jungler
    Highest Skill Tier : 8 / Simply Amazing
    Country : Indonesia

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